questionswhat is your favorite type of art or craft?


I make various chain maille items, mainly jewelry. I love working with steel & titanium... it's rather relaxing


Photography. I really prefer film, but it's so expensive to develop and difficult to carry enough. Also, I like the instant gratification that comes from digital.


Landscaping. I love it and it is relaxing for me too. To be outside, pulling up weeds, cleaning out leaves, planting flowers, pruning brushes, laying stones, etc is a chore for some people. But for me I see having a beautiful lawn as an art, something that people can appreciate on a daily basis. It brings up the mood of the neighborhood and gives friends and family a relaxing atmosphere to visit in. I always feel like the little things that people take for granted are the most artistic, the subtle things. Not necessarily something pinned up in a museum that was purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


I like machining in metal. It lasts forever, and as far as art goes it's something that can be done with careful planning (which I can do) and doesn't require so much hand-eye coordination (which I lack).


Finger Painting! Did some with my little cousins not long ago and it really is fun. Just another example of something kids have right and we forget as we grown up.


I am a big fan of body art...


@zethreal: I have not made jewelry before but thought I might try it one time. I am always looking for another craft to do! I am a craft junky I think haha.

@okham: I love photography because it captures a different "real life" perspective. There is a lot you can do with it as well. It is a shame that film has become so expensive. There is a certain charm that film has over digital although digital is great too.

@eraten: I wish I had a green thumb!I agree that art comes in many forms. A beautiful landscape is something to take pride in and it does bring an overall uplifting feeling because it is something you can experience by all the senses!

@samstag: That is interesting and can offer a lot of possibilities.

@raider9924: Yay for finger painting! It is so much fun!

@curli76: Doodling is fun and some "doodles" I have seen people do are absolutely amazing (and something I would not call a doodle but moore of a full fledge drawing!)

@mgalexa: Tattoos, body painting or both?


I favorite is ceramics/pottery. I love working with clay, especially on the wheel. I'm much better at making three dimensional pieces than drawing or painting. I also love coming up with unique combinations of glazes, and never knowing how it will turn out till after it gets fired.


Does building things with Legos count? Cause I enjoy that. And baking is kinda an art...right?

I do a lot of random crafts. I make origami things when I'm bored and have a bit of paper (waiting for meetings to start at work...or when they get boring). I've tie dyed t-shirts and bandanas fairly recently. I'm not above getting out some playdough or silly putty and making something. I've made a lot of different types of "friendship" bracelets.

I usually help out with crafts for the summer mission trips my church goes on and occasionally get called in to help with crafts for VBS. I think it's fun to come up with things that aren't just the kids that you buy from Oriental Trading Company.


Making mosaics. But I don't do it very often. I really need to work less.


fine oil paintings.,I have collected many Van Gogh Oil Paintings from