questionsdo you believe that the united states could ever…


There are some interesting responses to a similar question in this thread from a few months ago.



The majority of people today are too apathetic.


If the Tupac, Biggie era didn't cause a civil war I don't think anything will!!!!!


I believe things would have to get pretty bad (ie: most people starving, diseases, extreme discrimination, etc) before we would end up in a civil war. I just don't see that happening.


@spacezorro: While I agree with your point, I think it's possible. Seems more and more the politicians could care what the people or the country want. It's about what they can do for themselves. Toss in some of the issues with federal law enforcement and judiciary and to me it's a possibility.


Nah, we are too busy getting involved with everyone else's civil wars to have time for one of our own.


I think the problem with the US having a Civil war is that the stratification isn't as linear as it was back when. It seems like for the most part the coasts think one way and the middle of the country thinks another. I also certainly hope that no matter how strongly we may disagree with one another, most of us would not resort to guns and bombs to try to win our point of view. I think individual or small groups engaging in acts of terrorism is a much more likely scenario.


The problem is that in the US Civil War slavery was a regional polarizing issue, i.e. everyone in Georgia wanted slaves. While we have a lot of polarizing issues today, none of the current issues are concentrated to a geographic region. All the people on both sides of the "issue" (for whatever issue) live blended together in the same cities/states.


I'd say that If I were immortal I would definitely bet on it. You have to keep in mind America is extremely young compared to all of human history. We could fit all of American history into just one of the many Chinese Dynasties. The question I assume most people are answering is it going to happen anytime soon? Probably not. But a lot can change in 10-20 years. So I wouldn't be surprised if there was one in our lifetimes.


Shays' Rebellion and the Occupy movement serve as the precursors to the next potential civil war. In other words, it will be a war between the debtors and the creditors. Call it "Marx lite".

The only other situation I could see resulting in another Civil War is if a state tries to secede. I'm actually surprised some states haven't already seceded (or tried to secede) from the Union.

And on slavery: No, not everyone in Georgia or any other state wanted slaves. I'm pretty sure the slaves strongly disagreed with that sentiment. Again, it was fought because the wealthiest people (plantation/land-owners) wanted to control the very cheap labor to work the land. Joe Schmoe, the iron-worker probably didn't care much about retaining slavery as a form of cheap labor. It's similar to the current crackdown on migrant farmworkers.


the south will loose again!


A Civil War? No. Anarchy? No. Another Depression w/food lines, massive unemployment and all that goes w/that? Sadly, I believe that's possible. We barely missed one in 2008.


I don't think any rebel groups would be able to get off the ground before FBI, ATF and other agencies would squash them. A coup in the style from the movie "The Enemy Within" is more likely.