questionswhat do you get someone you're visiting in taiwan?


I know this sounds weird, but vitamins, ginsing, etc (that way they know they are genuine). Ballcaps and things with "Cal" logos on them (I work there so it's easier for me--I know it's odd, but it's someplace they would like to go). My cousins like flavored potatoes (I know sounds weird) and Godiva chocolates. Calendars with pictures of monuments/places only in America (grand canyon, statue of liberty, mt Rushmore etc). You may bring a bigger gift for your host, but you will be sort of expected to give smaller gifts to others you meet. We actually take 1 suitcase with just "omiyagi" (hostess gifts) and it gets filled while we are in Asia.


If you bring them something from the US, make sure it's not stamped "Made in Taiwan".


[enthnocentrism] Freedom [/ethnocentrism]


@phizzo: taiwan is free. It's been independent of Mainland China for decades.
Thanks for making US schools look stupid.


@kamikazeken: No problem, can't make the US look more stupid than someone that doesn't have the vocabulary to get the joke.