questionshow often do you set goals for yourself?what…


I'm currently 4 semesters away from having a BSN from one of the better nursing schools in the country, so that's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Other than that, my goals seem to be really simple and easy to achieve, like beat a game, mow the yard, invent a time machine, etc etc.


My current short term goal is to wake up tomorrow morning.

My current long term goal is to continue to wake up every morning for as long as I can.

I believe all other goals are subsets of these two goals.


1. Lose the weight I put on over the winter and get back in shape
2. Pay off my credit card debt before I retire in a couple of years. Have the rest of my finances in order so I can relax.
3. Live long enough to enjoy retirement. Not get Alzheimer's, which plagues my family. Succeeding at goal #1 will help with goal #3.


I require chaos to survive. I do make plans, but am happy to disrupt them for any reason, or even no reason. I would not like living a structured life, where things were planned out, although I agree absolutely on planning to wake up tomorrow...unless I stay up until then.

I think I have vague goals, now and then. I'm still trying to get the rest of the spring planting done (I need to put in more lettuce, and more tomatoes, and some pimento peppers). I need to weed, but I always need to weed, so I'm not sure that's a goal, so much as it is a fact of life any time the weather is above freezing.

I need to mow the grass, although not right away, because it just got mowed. Still, I might as well start planning for it now, because that danged grass just keeps growing.

I'm reading a dozen books, at different rates (some are technical, some lighter in nature), and I plan to finish them.

Maybe I'll head off to sleep in a bit, so I can fulfill that laudable goal of waking back up. :-D