questionshow much time do you spend on woot! during work?


More than I should...but it's all in the background. I can do data analysis and keep my woot-off trackers running. And yes, it drastically increases during woot-offs, not just at work but at home, as well.


2. Drastically, no. A little? Probably a bit more during woot-offs. :)


Way too much time, and yes, it definitely increases during a woot-off, because then I have 2 woot sites taking up all my attention!

I keep woot in one browers tab and deals.woot in the other during a woot-off. Normally I just have deals.woot up at work since I check all the daily woots in the morning before I leave for work.


I get to constantly hit refresh at 2am, but unlike all of you which have next to no chance of getting a BOC, I have zero chance of getting one.


Too Much...
But it is a reality check to break from work for a little while and scan the deals...


none at all. Ever. Work rules are pretty stringent regarding their equipment and their time.


I always have DW on, but only get to check in periodically.


During a woot-off, the woot-off comes first, work second. (I had a meeting moved to my office today so that I could monitor things propperly during the woot-off.)

And is broken for wine.woot which is part of the reason I didn't get an aerator earlier.


I actually was thinking back the other day and realizing that my participation level on woot runs lets call it an hour a day but when I am not loving my job it goes up alot. I came to this realization the other day when I noticed I made black triangle again (which usually means way to much activity)