questionswhen will we be able to buy this on woot?


Add an audio chip with the theme and I'm in.


I would so buy that and mess with people! I want one!

walks by random stranger Hey whats that! points up It's a bird! No it's a plane! and the rest was history!

Bet I could make some kids day with this... Hrm.... off to my evil lair to plot.


Living on the Gulf Coast - I can see a lot of fun with this. Especially during the big party times. "No, really officer, I was just here minding my own business when Superman flew by".


OMG to release this after a summer party over a bunch of tipsy people!!!


@mtm2: LOL! Yes! I can just see this zooming over the Flora-Bama crowd after a big party!


@blgauthier: Or before the party - most show up tanked already.


I think I'd take mine + head right for tall buildings.


Once some factory in China produces 6 million of them and Woot can buy a freighter full for pennys. I'd say sometime around Groundhog's Day.


This would be great to have on any widely-predicted apocalypse day. (We've had a few big ones in the last year or two.) Fly about six of these over a crowded area, just far enough away that you can't see that's it's Superman, and you'll have lots of people convinced the Rapture is upon us.


@samstag: I know this is an old post, but I just followed your link and noticed that the guy rigged one of his RC superheros with LEDs on the eyes, chest, palms of his hands, and soles of his feet. Bad ASS!

And here I was only thinking of Superman . . .