questionshave you seen "woot-main" as a seller on amazon…


I think this has come up before and they're just place-holder items.


Yeah I have to figure they are place-holders. Hence my (not so well) integrating comment.

Like I said, I just thought it was amusing. Then again, this clearly demonstrates what I've said all along which is that I'm very easily amused :)


@bingo969: Got that; I tell folks I'm easily entertained. I don't suppose you saw any relatively new vehicles in one of those deals, hmm?


@magic cave: Ha. Sadly, no. I was hoping to see a Tesla listed but alas I sulked away empty handed. It really seemed to be mostly the little random stuff you see pop up in a woot off every so often.


@magic cave: Wow someone doing a little "revenge" down voting you . I hate when that happens to anyone.

@bingo969 : sorry to get OT. So I'll jump back on : Would love to see them put a 10,000 item up on a Woot off. Do you think someone would buy ? { whether it was a placeholder price or otherwise} So in that vein of thought -- what item would be the best candidate ? { Other than aforementioned Telsa ;-) }


Normal woot on Amazon:

Woot-Whl (wholesale?)

Seems kind of dumb. I don't understand the need for multiple storefronts and all this placeholder talk.


I see London
I see France
I see Woot's Underpants

Thanks. Reported.


@ceagee: Yeah, I have my own personal little malcontent following me around. Reminds me of having a piece of toilet paper stuck on my shoe. It's not anything I worry about, although it's a bit sad to think of all his/her sour, wizened-up karma roaming free in the universe. Must be a painful way to live.