questionsshould i get a kindle fire?


It depends on what you want/need/have. I posted a similar question yesterday; I'd broken my previous generation Kindle w/keyboard and wasn't sure what to replace it with. I made a pro/con list for each Kindle I was interested in and concluded that I didn't want a Fire for the following reasons:

1)Because there is no 3g/4g, I could only stream movies when I was at home or at another location with Wi-Fi. And you can't download Prime videos to your Fire--only videos you've rented or purchased--that was a big non-starter for me. Also, since I have a Roku, I can't really see myself streaming to the Fire when I'm home.

2) I use my Kindle during my long commute, and I've chosen that time to dedicate to reading, with as few distractions as possible. (I do allow myself music via my iPod Nano.) It's one of the few places where the lure of the Internet, games, or the TV doesn't permeate my brain.

I think it's a neat little tablet, but it's just not for me.


The Kindle Fire is a nice piece of equipment and a good way to get into tablets. The interface is smooth and simple. It has a smaller screen than an iPad or other tablets, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If you like Amazon, you will like the Fire. The biggest drawback to the Fire is that you are basically forced to do get all apps through Amazon, but they have a very good selection and a free app every day.

The Amazon Prime videos are also a big plus. The selection seems to be getting a lot better, although still not as robust as Netflix. (EDIT: Of course, you must have WiFi to watch these on a Kindle Fire)

Also, one thing my son didn't like when he went from a regular Kindle to the Fire is that there is no book "audible reading" option to have Kindle books read out loud to you. I hated that option because it sounded like you were listening to a robot, but some people like it and miss it on the Fire.


I love my Kindle Fire! It's very portable for traveling. It would be a bonus to have 3G/4G connection, but not a big deal for me. I find it is very easy to read on (I like the antique look the best) and it's more of a bonus that it has Wi-Fi to check e-mail, browse internet, facebook, deals.woot! etc. If you wanted a tablet more for internet usage then you may want to look at something with a larger screen, if you're looking for a reader that doubles as pretty slick tablet, then the Fire is for you!


You should take out a loan that takes years to pay off so you can get the 3rd gen iPad. It's not like you need your soul or your money or anything ^,^


yes. root it and you will have the best deal on a dual core android tablet, plus amazon's cloud storage.


@curli76: tether to your android phone and bam, instant streaming.


@wvutkep1002: A nice thought, but bam, I don't have a Smart Phone at all. I won't allow it. Man, I'm a female dog to myself sometimes.


Do you actually READ on it? I know that you already have a Kindle older model, so you know that the prices are extreme on some books. If even with the prices you are going to use it to read, then it's probably one of the better options.

If, however, you want it instead to play games/take notes/be cool with, then there are much better options.


I just got one using credit card points because I have another functioning e-reader (non Kindle) but really wanted to have access to the Prime streaming videos as well as the Kindle owners lending library. As a tablet goes, I'm finding I'm not using it as much as I expected (but I've only had it for 2 weeks) and still use my iPhone when I'm at home for simple things. Still getting used to the web interface, etc. Some of my experience comes from being a heavy iPhone user. But I like the bigger browser and apps available. For a beginner tablet with a focus on actual reading and streaming Prime videos on wifi, this is a great product with a great price. One drawback is I can't stream Comcast/Xfinity videos on it.


The Fire doesn't hold a candle to the Kindle (hah) when it comes to reading, since e-ink is...well, much much better in my opinion. As a tablet, I was completely underwhelmed during my demo usage. People seem to like it, but it just seems like a 'lost' device to me.


I like it a lot. I especially like the parental control app that is available on it. I have no problem letting my kids use the Kindle Fire because I know they can't get to things they shouldn't be. Also, love the Instant Streaming. I have a dedicated e-reader so I don't use it for that, but it's great as an easily portable tablet. And today's price is awesome!