questionsare you a geek for leatherman products?


Then you may want to go look at the Plus deal that just came up on Sports:


Nope, but I love my Gerber. The tools, not the baby food, in case there was any confusion.


@okham: +1
While I have nothing against "the original" Leatherman and I even looked seriously at them years ago when researching such tools, I found Gerber to offer much more for the money. I know Leatherman is kind of the standard and used by most tradesman, I still like my Gerbers best :)
To be part of the "Leatherman" clan I did purchase a small pocket sized one off woot, very low price and is basically just a knife and pliers but after carrying it for a year(along with my belt model Gerber) I no longer carry it except for occasionally with dress pants when I don't wear my Gerber.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for the link! I wasn't aware that this sale was going on. Great prices!

As for the Gerber vs. Leatherman, I looked at the Gerber early on, but the teeth on the pliers seemed left as-cast, where the Leatherman teeth were sharp and ready to bite. I do like that flick of the wrist engagement of the pliers on the Gerber, but I'll stick with my Leatherman.


I have a larger Gerber with the pliers - I chose it over a similar Leatherman because I found when gripping the pliers on the Leatherman's interior (so to speak), it was quite uncomfortable.

I do have a Leatherman Mini and Leatherman Micra, though, that I carry with me to my outdoor gigs, and that I chose specifically due to challenges I've faced on the job. If nothing else, they make great paperweights for windy days.

Also got a Style CS for Xmas, that will probably live in my car.

Yes, I'm a total multi-tool geek. Have two mini Swiss Army knives too, and an off-brand multi-tool that I bought on Woot several years ago, though I can't find that one at the moment.


My big thing is led flashlights, I love em.

Have a quark mini 123 on my keychain. My girlfriend has a fenix on hers.

I am fond of multitools too though. Haven't put any real money into them though.

I have a cheap wolverine one which isn't too bad and this mini guy I keep in my bag at all times which is actually really nice for the price:

It comes pretty sharp which is nice and feels solid. Has a nice matte grip.

If I ever had money though I have always coveted the Victorinox Spirit X multitool, it looks simply beautiful. Sorry not a leatherman though, heh.