questionswhat's the best acoustic guitar sub-$150?


Check at Costco if you have a Costco membership. Or go to Mexico if you live close to a border town (and aren't afraid to get caught up in the border wars)! You can get some good deals there if you know anything about quality and how to check them out.


This is a past the $150 price tag, but this is pretty close to what I use.

I really like this guitar, and it has a great, warm sound to it. Built in equalization and tuner, with an acoustic pick up for amplification.


I would suggest checking out a used guitar shop or even your local pawn shop. You can find some great deals on used equipment. My personal favorite place for used instruments is Music Go Round. They have stores all over the country.

Here is a listing of their <$150 acoustic guitars:

I would not, however, order used equipment online unless it has been reconditioned and comes with a money back guarantee.


I have 13 guitars. I have been playing for over 17 years. If you want to buy a decent guitar, STAY AWAY from costco. Wait awhile longer, save your money and buy something decent. You will thank me later. With some things... You get what you pay for.


Whichever one is the most comfortable for you to play, and sounds the best to you. For $150, it's important to get one that you'll enjoy playing. You can always upgrade later if you find you love it and stick with it.


@claudicina: Like that online University PsyD degree? Oh snap lol jk it's all in good fun. I'm sure you go to a fine collegiate institution for your "beyond the B. Science" degree.


I ended up just getting a real cheap one on Amazon,

I made the mistake last year of buying a $1900 synthesizer\keyboard that I only played a few times.


I sold guitars at Guitarcenter for a couple years. The yamaha acoustics at that price point were consistently the best guitars. Much brighter and with better build quality than the competition.


Find a guitar store that has several in your price range, then blindfold yourself and have a buddy bring you those guitars in no particular order. Choose the guitar that has the sound and feel that YOU like, not the name on the headstock.


If you EVER see any Martin guitars (6 or 12 strings) that you can afford, buy it/them. I have several, have been playing them for over 40 years, and I won't buy another brand of acoustic guitar, with only one exception.


I've been playing guitar for quite a while now and my advice is this:

Do NOT NOT NOT buy a guitar from Wal-Mart, Costco, or another big retail store. Cheap guitars will systematically prevent you from being any good at the guitar. If you buy a crappy guitar, I will break your fingers.

If that is your budget, go to a pawn shop and pick up a decent Gibson, Ibanez, Dean, or even Yamaha if you must. Bring a guitar-savvy friend with you and have them play it first, to make sure the action, fretting, sound and tuners are all okay.


@jgmcgowan: One of the MOST important things on a guitar - if you're not a long-time player - is the action.

If you can't play your guitar (or don't want to, because it's so damned uncomfortable) then the guitar is pretty much useless - regardless of who made it or what it's made of. If you can find a guitar with a truss rod, that's always a bonus.

My money says the Fender you bought may be kinda uncomfortable. Take it to a music shop and have the action adjusted if that's the case..

I've played guitar most of my life and even I still HATE playing on uncomfortable guitars, for whatever that's worth :D

Oh and also Washburn makes awesome guitars. They have a wide range of prices too, some are really affordable and still superb quality.


The best way to purchase a guitar is with someone who actually knows guitars and then only from a local music store, craigslist or a pawn shop. You MUST know that the guitar expert you are bringing with you actually knows what he's doing. Your expert shouldn't some 15 year old teen or someone who owns some single cheap guitar and passes himself off as knowledgeable. What city are you located in?

-Guitar player for 48 years and friend of a man who owns three music stores with thousands of guitars.


@deadlyfurby: I'm in Portland, ME theres quite a few places. Luckily my school offers\partners with a few instructors and has weekly cheap classes during the school year.

Until then, I'll be self taught, if by September, I have most of my chords\picking down I'll put in up to $500 on something better to focus on fingerpicking and strumming.