questionsare there adapters from micro-sim (iphone 5) to…


I just looked at and found a cheap adapter and a couple of cutters with adapters:


iPhone 5 uses nano-SIM. Besides the length and width, the height of the card is also different, so you can't just cut the card like you could to a SIM to make it micro SIM.


Adapters, I don't believe so as the new cards are smaller. They did it like this so people won't buy 5's off eBay and Craigslist. You have to go get a new SIM form the retailer.


The iPhone 5 doesn't use a micro-sim, as stated above, it uses the new nano-sim (even smaller). When shopping for an adapter (if one even exists) make sure you don't confuse the two, or else you'll buy the wrong thing!


I would be way too nervous to try to cut down a SIM also mentioned earlier, if you do find an adapter make sure that your terminology is correct. Good luck!


Thanks for the terminology fix (nano SIM).

Sounds like it's possible to do this, but very unlikely that I can swap between a nano phone and a regular SIM phone without contortions.

Good, another reason to not buy an iPhone. :)


Just found this story saying the nano SIM is thinner than the regular SIM cards and is a tight squeeze in the iPhone.
It says toy can trim your SIM, but you take the risk of damaging it if you hit the medal.