questionswhich one is better? android, windows 7 or iphone?


I have Android 2.2 on my phone and I think it is great! I also have an ipod touch and it does everything the ipod does but much better (although the ipod is several years old). The only thing the Andriod doesn't do is zoom in or out by squeezing your fingers together on hte screen - there are zoom in/out buttons. I really like how I can connect it to the PC and just see all the files right in explorer - I really hate itunes for the ipod. If I want to add custom ringtones, I just have to make a folder called "ringtones" in the root of the phone and it recognizes them as ringtones. This may be more of a feature of the phone rather than the OS though...


Android DUH!!
@benyust: when doesnt yours zoom in and out? I know when I am on a webpage my droid X zooms in and out by pinching and what not.


Yea, I have the Droid X and it pinch-zooms


@japple650: It must just be my phone... It is a cheap Chinese phone - Huawei or something like that (or maybe I just don't know how to use it properly). At $160 with no contract from amazon, it is much cheaper than an ipod touch but is much better.


@benyust2: Probably the Ascend. Not a bad phone for the cost, especially without a contract. The phone really shines when you root it. :)


People will generally only vote for what they have, iPhone snobs vs. Android snobs. Personally, I have an iPhone but I can't really say which is better of the three since I only know what I have and I don't have any experience with the other two. Wish I was more help but I'm just going to be the level headed commenter, sorry!


I have no experience with win7mobile. I have lots of experience with iPhone and Android. I, personally, prefer Android.

iPhone and Android are equally competetive. Similar features, similar capabilities, similar apps. Apple exercises FAR more totalitarian control over iPhone. I don't really like that and is why I prefer Android, but in practice, truly, it just doesn't matter that often.

Android is more flexible. iPhone has more 3rd party goodies and accessories. Android means selling your soul to Google. iPhone means selling your soul to Apple. Android is more geek-friendly. iPhone is ... well, I guess they dress better over there.

So, it's kind of a wash and just comes down to personal preference. Go to the store, play with one of each. Whichever one feels more comfortable to you, is the right phone for you. Either way you pick, you win :)

(but you can't have my Droid R2D2)


@benyust2: "The only thing the Andriod doesn't do is zoom in or out by squeezing your fingers together on hte screen - there are zoom in/out buttons."

Android 2.1 and up does pinch-to-zoom in addition to the in/out buttons.


I've used many different smartphones and honestly prefer Android. I am currently using Froyo on a Samsung T959 Vibrant. I've also had previous success with MyTouch, MyTouch Slide, LG Optimus, and others.


I have messed with my coworker's iPhones. I must say that I haven't given them intense testing, but I like my Android phone better. And they are all jealous of the apps that I have on my phone too.

Also, my Android 2.1 device does pinch zoom.
I have a Samsung Captivate from AT&T and I love it. I've never messed with "rooting" mine. Just use it out of the box.


I've actually used iPhone's and Droids and would never go back after having my droid2. I'm also one who loves to have a keyboard, so that plays a role.


Iphone is a very stable OS plus the jailbreaking makes it great. Android is a great OS and is amazing for customization and tweaking. Windows Phone 7 has too many bugs right now to even consider buying it. I have had all 3 and in my opinion, either Iphone or android. I am currently using a 3gs but am searching for an iphone 4. I had the Captivate which is one of the best phones out.


I recently got my Droid X from Wirefly for like $50 and I love Android, before that I had an Ipod touch so I was familiar with the OS but I like my Droid A LOT better


Has anyone rooted their Droid? How'd that work out?


The stock market doesn't like the win7 phones. I've seen Microsoft come out with other things, and if it doesn't get some certain amount of market share, they just walk away. This is kind of tough on anyone who has depended on them to do otherwise (::cough::Nokia::cough::), but is smart business tactics. They cut their losses on things all the time.

I wouldn't take a win7 phone if it was free, and came with unlimited minutes. I have had all sorts of phones. My personal objection to the iPhone is no keyboard. It's pretty, but I want my danged keyboard. I am about to dump my crackberry for a G2 (maybe; I've been a BB user for a very, VERY long time). I wouldn't want an iPhone.

If you're considering one of these, you should go and try them out. Do it more than once. It's mostly personal choice and comfort (as long as you're smart, and keep it narrowed to just those two platforms).


If you are you the type that needs the latest\greatest of everything regardless of cost or you more worried about what your friends think instead of actual function? Get an iphone. You will be very ihappy and inerdly. AT&T or Verizon will be happy too.

Otherwise, go Android. Check Virgin or MetroPCS if you are cheap.

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Android ftw! (I use the Evo)

@jwwimer09: I love my rooted evo. It's rather nice. About the only thing I don't like is the fact that I can't get over the air updates, but it's just a little work to fix that problem.


@jwwimer09: I rooted my Droid X. Loooove it. Running the Rubix rom and it's great.

Right out of the box, the Droid X beats up the iPhone and takes its lunch money. iPhone may have the snooty uppity hipster chic thing, but Android plays Flash. You may have heard of it. Once you get to rooting it and installing AOSP based roms, and getting rid of the crap that the manufacturers and carriers preinstall, the iPhone doesn't stand a chance. Depending on carrier, keep an eye on the Thunderbolt, Atrix, and Evo2.


I think I'm going to wait for my warranty to expire then root the heck out of it--Just so I can get rid of that stupid Blockbuster app


Does anyone have a Windows 7 phone? Care to comment?


I am biased towards Android. Have 2.2 and is smooth as butta...


Not fair, Droids lovers. I got my iPhone before the Droid had good phones or a stable OS. nothing to do with image, i wanted a good phone before there were options.

I like that the iPhone is easy enough for my two year old to use.


I like Android. Not any reasons, I am just the fan of Android.


I own,use,&play around on all 3, but my active phone is a WinMob6.5 WHAT?! Basically it comes down to which feature you want/need the most. iPhone & Android are the best experience, and very similar in offerings. Me, I like Android because I can get a phone with a keyboard, & I'm not stuck to itunes. Yet, with what I do, I need a phone with full Office editing support, Windows 6.5 & BB are all there is on that. (I know someone is going to argue quickoffice etc... but it's still not a full feature editing package.) Windows Phone 7 left their buisness users behind trying to become a "fun" phone. I understand they were going after the market flow, but problem is that Android and iPhone had them beat before they released it. Though, I can't get my wife away from her WebOS. Something about flinging those tiles away she just loves. idk... Anyhow, you want slick and sleek - iPhone, you want geek and cool - Android, Buisness - Win6.5 or BB... As for WinP7, idk what to say about that.


As a Rooted EVO user, I'm loving it. Android is so open. As of today we now have a 2nd app store and at the rate Android is going I could see anything happening. Iphone runs Ios and yes it can be jail broken but it is still a very closed system.

Not that I am condoning piracy in any way but just a little history lesson.
Back in yesteryear Apple made a great computer. It was better than the old IBM PC's in many ways but they made their software with all types of copy protection. The PC's software could be copied very easy.
If you bought the Apple PC you had to purchase all of your software. If you bought a PC you shared with your neighbors.
PC's grew in popurlarity and now look at market share. Windows is running on most pc's. Some people are using Mac OS and even fewer are running other OS's such as linux & etc.

Windows phone, well I have not tried Windows 7 Phones. I have tried the Windows 6.5 and it was aweful.

Go with Android or Iphone
Android = open
Iphone = better battery


Apps shouldn't be in the same sentence as android.


I started on apple/mac but found I was handicapped in use with MSOS users. Once I learned MS windows and office I found I was compatible with and any one I wanted to. when my kids were old enough I brought them up on MS so they could work with any teacher or student. I dont deny apple makes good products, but like everyone else, I am tired of their monopoly on apps. but I read a review that may be true. Now that iphone is on Verizon a lot of droid owners are switching sides. we'll see how the fall out is after a few more months


unless you're jailbreaking your iPhone, a huge Android advantage is the number of quality/useful free apps. not just pull-my-finger apps.

ex: i needed to fax something one morning. they needed it immediately and i don't have a fax. i went to the market, searched 'fax' and DL'ed an app. took a picture, UL'ed to file site, and sent it as a fax. confirmation e-mail and everything to indicate fax was done correctly.


personally i like iphone mainly because of the great genius bar support. I myself love the third party apps and though apple is very totalitarian, i can easily connect to my mac and do whatever i damn please with it because of the otter box i have on it. I personally love it and hope to develop on the ios platform someday. However, there is very little difference between all the brands except that the win7 are good and new but personally they have a bad graphical look to their stores and app functions, its very uncoordinted. Iphone is a bit snobby, but almost everyone who is big in business has one of them or a blackberry or a droid, so really its no big deal about it; what you get for the high cost is great service at the genius bar and and amazing case in the otter box, along with this you get facetime (thats not that big though). Droid is very geek friendly but less 3rd party app., really i would choose the iphone, but hey i'm a machead and am biased. you should try each and see.


Since no one can say anything about WP7, I'll pipe in. WP7 is awesome.

It already has had cloud support since it launched, so it syncs you pictures, videos, and office docs straight to your skydrive. The only thing is doesn't have that the other OSes have is multitasking in the true sense of the word, like blackberry does. Android also does true multitasking. iPhone only does true multitasking with a few select apps (like music). WP7 does the same "multitasking" as apple. When you visit the homescreen, it "tombstones" your app meaning that it's put to sleep. You hit the back button and the app loads back up very quickly and puts you back where you were.

All three choices are very good phones. iPhone is popular, Android is everywhere, and WP7 is new. It's really up to you. Android has the most free apps, especially with Amazon marketplace. WP7 has trial mode which most developers use as the free version with ad support. Apple usually gets a new app first.

Consider WP7


It's worth noting that the free Mango update to WP7 (out this fall I think) will make a huge difference in capabilities. They claim to add >500 new features (google for a list of some).
If you have XBox you'll probably be very intrigued by the integration of games directly into WP7 too, and I'd doubt that will be ported to iPhone/Android.
I'm waiting for a WP7 with "powerhouse" hardware to come to Verizon before leaving my WinMo 6.5 phone, but I hear the current one is no slouch and some opinions think it outperforms Android on the same HW. Mango will come free to current phones as well.
WP7 is a 180 from 6.5, it's finger friendly with a slick UI. I'm sure office mobile will come eventually, if not already. From 10 or 15 minutes putzing with it in store, I was impressed. The app integration is far superior IMHO, by allowing you to get at app info without always requiring you to completely switch to the other app.


People don't give windows phone 7 enough credit. Some people may be drawn away from it because windows 6.5 was not so hot and maybe some of you have neven owned a windows phone. I work with cell phones and tablets so believe me, I have tried them all. I instantly switched to windows phone as my first "smart phone". It's elegant, smooth, and fast. The UI is undoubtedly the best part about this phone and carries all the way into the apps. Give it a try, you'll love it.