questionsany true cyber monday deals approaching...that…


Isn't late Jan/early Feb the best time to shop for computers? The newer stuff is released then, and you can get awesome deals on older models. Dunno if that translates over to TV's and such...


@emceeperiod: Yeah, from what I can see this season, $499 for an LED isn't bad.


@bethmitro: this is probably the best TV deal out now. It's sold out at Walmart, BB, TigerDirect, etc. I just found it at Sears. 40" Samsung LED 1080p/120hz. Not quite 46 but not a bad deal and apparently in high demand. Link:


Oh, also...I'm not making those up. All of those "Black Friday's" are *actual* things heh


Honestly, they've all been kind of running into eachother. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Black Friday Week, Black Friday Month, Black Friday in July.

I think that's why all of the deals were mediocre this year (or seemed that way to me).. Black Friday has just been overdone. It went from being one day a year for awesome sales.. to a buzzword used to describe sales ALL YEAR LOONNNNG.
[ed] And not even good sales, might I add.


Me neither, Im shopping for a 46+ inch tv & Netbook or laptop, nothing better than black friday.


havent really found any. it's like black friday swallowed cyber monday whole