questionsthe nexus 7, galaxy tab 2 or nookhd+


I like the nook. Price is right, screen is nice, it's android, expandable memory, and the play store is unlocked now.


In my opinion, unless you LOVE Barnes and Noble, do not get the Nook (this is with the caveat that you do not plan to turn it into an Android Tablet). When you can simply ADD the Nook App to an Android tablet to access all of your books (Plus Amazon books, Play Books, your library, etc.) why get a Barnes and Noble tied device? The Nook (and Kindle Fire, as well) is HIGHLY skinned to hardly resemble an Android device. It makes little sense to me.

With the above being me 2 cents....

The Asus (Nexus 7) is the better of ANDROID tablets. BUT!!!!!! If you need to store a large amount of content (no access to persistent WiFi), you are better off with the Samsung and storing your content on the microSD Card. (I know an OTG cable and USB Drive will preform the same function, but it is a bit inelegant). One other consideration is the rear camera (I need to scan documents from time to time and a front facing camera does not cut it).


I just got the Nook HD+ last month and am really liking it. (I also have a 1st gen Nook and a Nook Tablet.) Most of my internet usage is on the HD+ now.

@zuiquan: I like the unlocked Google play, especially since some of the same apps are free/cheaper than in the Nook store. Now I don't have to dual-boot to get Angry Birds, etc. for free.

@morriea: On the new Nook HD+, you can add the Kindle app from the Google app store (which I did).

ETA: The HD+ will take up to a 32 GB microSDHC card.


Just some input as a Nexus 7 owner... I LOVE it. People I show it to love it. Great screen responsiveness, nice resolution for watching streaming video. Nice form and weight. So unless (as mentioned) the 16/32GB limitations kill it for you, I def recommend it.

If you can wait a few weeks... the Nexus 7 gen2 will be released. This should cause a price drop on gen 1 or you may prefer the gen 2.


Just bought a nexus 7 this week refurb 32gb $180 from tigerdirect and i love it. I believe i will definitely prefer it to my girlfriends Ipad 2. It had already taken over some of my web surfing time away from my laptop!


We have two Nexus 7's, and they're great.


My brother has a Nexus 7, and its a great little tablet. Small, quick, bright, and lightweight, there's nothing to really not like. Except the non expandable memory but whatevs.

I got a the Nook HD+ 32GB a few weeks ago, and it has met or exceeded all my expectations. The screen is crisp, bright, and responsive, and the built in apps work well. I've downloaded a bunch of games from the Play Store, and all have ran well with no issues. And the ability to add a SD card is a nice feature.

I haven't even touched the Nook store, I just loaded the Kindle app and my Amazon music app and gone to town on it. now, I wish it played more video formats when I load them on there from my desktop, but I can always convert them to mp4's if I want to.

Now, it is slightly heavy for its size, and much heavier than a nexus 7, so it will get tiring to hold. Also, you may not like the bezel around the screen. It doesn't bother me, just gives me something extra to hold onto.


Thanks for the input. This was tough. I have to say, the Nexus had been my front-runner from the beginning because it tends to get good reviews & it's considered the purest "Android experience." I have a friend who has one. I liked it. I just started thinking seriously about pulling the trigger so I figured I should see what the best deals are and these 3 deals really jumped out at me.

I went to a store Fri night and tried out the Nook. Then last night I bought one online (same retailer). I'll pick it up today. It really is looking like the best deal. Fastest processor. The screen is the best - biggest & highest resolution. I'm not a gamer but I like the expandable memory. I don't like the charging cable though.

My research shows the Nook HD+ might be the dark horse in the tablet race. The Nook jumped from e-reader to tablet. @morriea: I might make just it a pure Android tablet proper.

I'll let you guys know what I think about it after a bit of usage. Thanks again for the input. :)


@phillystyle: Late to the game, but, if you need more from your Nook HD try XDA Nook mod forum. I have used mods for my HTC Evo, my Asus Prime and Infinity, and my Pocket eDGe. It is fun, but read carefully and follow directions if you choose to go this route.

Enjoy your tablet!


I just found this Hisense Sero 7... What do you think?
I will ask this question proper soon.


@caffeine_dude: That Hisense Sero 7, my friend is intriguing. It claims to have everything the Nexus's got including GPS PLUS the expansion slot (up to 32GB) and two cameras. Reviews I've read almost put it on par with the Nexus 7 but nobody seems to be to want to be the one to actually declare it. Of course it's not a no-brainer decision since you can get a 16GB Nexus 7 refurb for $149 too.

I was going to post today and say I haven't been totally in love with this Nook HD+ but I can't figure out if it's just that maybe I'm not that into a tablet. It's certainly not BAD and I really like the brightness & clarity of the screen. I've already been thinking about returning it and getting the Nexus 7 but I was a little bummed about giving up the expansion slot for memory. I don't really have any complaints, I just feel sort of 'eh.' It's a little big not enough to complain about. I was also sort of looking forward to having the GPS feature but that wasn't make or break either obviously.


OK. here's an update fellers.

So I picked up the 16GB Nook HD+ and I've had it for a little over a month now. I'm enjoying it overall. The 9" screen is really pretty awesome. I think the processor and the battery life are great and access to the Android Play Store really makes all the difference for me. I don't use it a lot because I keep it mostly at my girlfriend's place but when I do use it, I like it. There are some definite build quality issues like the spacing between the LCD and the bezel isn't even all the way around the screen. Also, I've had some incidences of the Nook just rebooting on its own. I've seen reports by other users of this. It's kind of a minor inconvenience and I'm assuming there'll be an update of some kind to correct it. That assumes it's software related of course, not hardware.


And here's the twist. I also went on eBay and got myself a 32GB 1st-gen Nexus 7 because I wanted to see if I preferred the smaller 7" form factor. Hands down 7" is better for me. The screen quality isn't even close to the Nook's but I just like being able to hold the Nexus fully in one hand. It's a much better built tablet than the Nook. It just looks and feels solid.

I think I'm finding I'm a laptop guy. I like a mouse and a keyboard-but the Nexus is the one I carry with me. A tablet is good for surfing the internet and reading email (well duh, right?) but I like to do more than that along with my reading. At the same time, I think tablets are pretty impressive. I might just get used to limiting myself to surfing and reading email sometimes and just being content to do that.