questionsdo you prefer free shipping or you would like to…


The deal should always be total bottom line cost. I do not care how it is listed. I am able to do simple math in my head to make a comparison.


I agree with @morriea that total cost is the finaol deal price, tax and shipping included.


I want low prices AND free shipping.....that's how I shop online


While total cost matters the most, I'd prefer free shipping for the simplicity.


My rational mind knows that the total price is the bottom line, but Free Shipping screams at my impulse-buyer mind. Free Shipping makes me FEEL good.


For most things I look at total cost. But when shopping on EBay for art supplies i confine my search to free shipping, as it's too easy to overlook the shipping when placing a couple of dozen bids in an hour. The only exception is when I am shopping for higher quality items from a vendor that does combined shipping ($4 for first item, $1 for each additional) and then I restrict my search to only their items and take off the free shipping criteria. I am usually looking to buy 10-20 pieces from those vendors, and I factor the $1 shipping into the high bid for each of the items I bid on. Since I am generally buying materials to make jewelry for sale, there's usually a flat cap on how much I am willing to spend on specific components. Although I occasionally indulge myself with something that really catches my fancy or with a new stone i haven't seen.


Just as on eBay, a lower price with a high shipping charge is always a red flag for me. It means if I want to return an item, I'm going to get very little back in relation to the money I sent to the seller.

If the "sales price" actually includes shipping, then the full "sales price" is what I expect from seller if a refund is requested.

While the total cost is how I judge whether it's a genuine deal or not, the shipping cost is a major factor if I think there's any chance I'll want to return it.

I suspect a merchant selling stuff that's cheap to ship might find it advantageous to offer it as a "free shipping!" item to maximize sales, but if the shipping is costly would want to break it out separately so he doesn't have to eat a big shipping charge on a refund.


Will suggest this again: Woot might consider implementing the Amazon policy of Free Shipping for orders of $25 or more. (And probably Prime, too. But that's a different issue, because you are ultimately paying a fee for 'free shipping.')

Yes, I know that the main deals end w/i 1 day, so you'd have to watch carefully for deals you wish to buy that total $25 ...all in one day. You CAN do this now, but you're charged $5 per cart - better than $5 per item! Free is much better, eh?

Of course, you can shop the Plus deals for a longer period. It would take a lot of thought to do this, but it might entice more people to buy.

Re: The OP's ? Free shipping would be very nice. Pay more for the deal to get it? Have not found woot's deals that much of a bargain anymore. If they raise prices any more, many will shop elsewhere.


@gmwhit: That depends on the economics of the two business models. AMZN is probably operating on a larger margin and scale than woot so AMZN can offer the free shipping for $25+ purchases. My guess is that woot beta tested the $5 all-you-can-eat for a day and saw that the shipping costs were eating into their margins and hence the change to the shopping cart. (Why they didn't do a shopping cart long ago is beyond's not new tech.)


Even when an item says "free" shipping, most of the time the seller has calculated the shipping cost into the price. This means that instead of paying x amount for shipping after the purchase price, that x amount has already been included in the purchase price. Personally I prefer "free shipping", because most sellers charge more for shipping than it actually costs to ship an order to cover other costs such as paying the shippers, postage, etc. Therefore if you see an item that is offered as "free shipping," the seller's calculated shipping cost already included is most likely less than what you would have been charged for a low priced item with an extra shipping charge.


@first2summit: Definitely agree that the 2 business models differ. Don't pretend to know what woot's business model is. <----And therein might lie the problem. I'm not sure what they're doing; not sure they do either. I may be totally wrong, but much of what I see happening w/woot is knee-jerk reactions. Most sad is that they do not effectively communicate changes to their customers.

They are pretending to be a regular storefront site. But they are not. They seem to be hanging onto the One Deal a Day theme. That theme expired long ago when they began adding all the sub-sites. Sub-sites that duplicate each other. And then, added a bajillion Plus deals that don't expire in 1 day.

I suggested the cart system eons ago. An unofficial response was they couldn't have it because people put items in the cart & then get angry when they find it's sold out. My response to that 'reason' was...."it's the same w/any other site." And NOW we have the cart and many are complaining.


@dows: The reason the shipping cost is greater than the postage is because they factor in the labor and shipping materials, i.e. box, tape, buffer protection.

What I hate is when they sell a product for $1 and charge $10 for shipping when the product is really $10 and it only costs $1 to ship. This is a form of tax evasion because they have to pay income tax on the profit off the product but not the shipping costs.


Free shipping has a slight advantage. When returning to most stores, you only get a refund on the product price - not the total price paid. With free shipping, that can be a full refund except for what you pay to ship it back (if required).

Otherwise, it's all about the total, final bottom line.


I'd honestly rather see free shipping. Whenever a deal is really good or cheap, shipping almost always ruins it. For example, an item might normally cost $10 and I'll see it online for $3 or $4. Good deal, right? Not when you add shipping, which, of course, is around $8. Makes the final cost more or less the same, but in a way that I find to be very misleading.

In circumstances like that, it's also more than obvious that they're overcharging for shipping, presumably so as to make up the price differential. I'm far more likely to go for something that's a slight discount with free shipping, because at least the bottom line is honest.


I look at the bottom-line cost, shipping included, just as several others have said. What annoys me are those on-line merchants that won't show you the shipping cost until after you have entered your payment information. They'll never sell me anything because I'm not going to put my credit card (or Paypal) information in until I have made the decision to buy, and that won't happen until I know both the cost of the item, and the shipping charge.


As others have already stated, I really like free shipping. It just feels good! That being said, I will always shop around for the best total price. Second best, in my opinion, is a flat rate shipping charge (such as Woot offers). This allows me to strategize my purchase in order to spread the fee over multiple items. The absolute worst would be offers where the item is free, or close to it, with a large shipping charge.

Oh, and I almost forgot - there are a couple of sites I refuse to do business with. They put out "free shipping" codes frequently. But, when you enter the code, a "processing fee" of $3.95 is automatically added. This is deceptive and just ticks me off.


Free shipping or flat rate shipping are my preferences.


free shipping. prime makes my life a little less hectic. or amazon subscriptions, at least 5 things in the same shipment (= 15% off). or $25 minimum for the add ons.


I prefer free shipping.But i will consider the total cost in the last.


My mother was so against paying shipping, that she would spent more money at a B&M store.

Me: you know that vacuum that's $300 at Target, I can get it online for $150?
Her: But how much is shipping?
Me: $20
Her: I hate paying that much for shipping, I'll buy it at Target.
Me: But you are saving $130!!!! Buying it online!!!
Her: Well I guess?
Me: Look I can get it for $170 with free shipping. (Made it up)
Her: Oh get that one!