questionshow should a local-deal-site with a nation-wide…


I had my little vent yesterday, and was voted down for pointing out something similar with the Xbox deal. Basically, if you think you were done wrong on a deal, tattle on the new one to get a mods attention, or send an email to

But if possible, I would try to point the deal to a generic location, if possible. Sorry your deal got toasted.

As an aside, why do these companies advertise local deal, when they keep posting nation-wide deals? Who do they think they are? Woot?


@stark: You said you posted the deal last night - don't know for certain, but it might be the deal wasn't active yet. Deals staff has said not to post a deal until it is actually live. Might be why it was deleted. Probably had nothing to do w/formatting as long as it was a national deal.


At one point yesterday (fairly early in the day, although I can't pinpoint a time), I saw THREE postings of that exact same deal (different wooters)----all on the FIRST page of "top" deals (not under the fresh tab.) The one at the top had been posted 7hrs (I think) prior to when I saw it, and had by far the most votes at the time. The times of the posts of the other 2 were about 3 hrs prior to seeing it and an hour prior. Those two duplicates apparently got deleted, which I noticed before going to bed. If you posted one after that, I didn't see it.

I did think it odd that the 2 duplicates I saw were posted by black triangles with familiar names, but I don't recall who they were. I just remember thinking, "hmmmm.....I would expect a black triangle to know better."

I don't know if that helps you or not. I'm only reporting what I seen wiff my own eyes, occifer.