questionshow many of you burned out your retinas watching…


We had a typhoon passing by, but the skies cleared enough for us to catch Venus - so tiny!
We had our special viewer we used from the annular eclipse a couple weeks back, so no harming the eyes. I went to my daughter's school over her lunch break so she and her friends could check it out since it is a once in a lifetime thing.


I did -- what a small dot!! I used a two-sided DVD to view the sun. One of those little tid bits floating around in my head remembering I could see the filament in a lightbulb when I held up a DVD with no printing (inspecting for scratches and gouges).


We actually had heavy clouds, so I didn't get to see. But Conan had an amusing video of the transit of Venus (Williams), so I don't feel like I missed out.


I did watching through a digital camera screen. Still hurt like hell. Got a couple good shots though with the solar lens.


@granilithe: Are you sharing the pics?

I just caught the tv version.


@mellielou: What a great idea! I wish I'd thought of that for yesterday. I think I still have a few old-style light bulbs around, and will look at their filaments later. :-)
I might even draw a black dot on it before turning it on and pretend I'm looking at Venus.


A few of the woot team (@danco, @josefresno, and @javamatte) went to the top of the building to try to catch a glimpse.

@danco had his eclipse blackout shades from last week, so we took turns staring into the cloudy sky.

I wasn't able to see anything, but apparently others were more lucky. I took a photo of what I saw:


@okham: Oh, pooh---I missed that, too! Sounds hilarious.


@joneholland: I can't see Venus in there, but ooooooooh, that looks so eerie. Sorta like a black hole, but white. Thanks for posting the pic! :-)

We had clear skies, I'd been planning to watch, but was still ill-prepared when the time came.


my monitor's not that bright.


Was cloudy, no chance here :( I did look at the sky and saw a black dot in the clouds. Does that count?

(Dot turned out to be an airplane)


Too much weather for me to see anything :(
(and you could still read this question if you had voice software!)


I am one of the did-not-see-it crowd.


I got to see it when we went up to the roof (@danco is my old pre-woot-era account) and then my wife and I drove down to Federal Way and I got a much clearer view when the sun dropped below the clouds. Those eclipse glasses were a great investment. In a couple of weeks, I got to see an annular eclipse (from Medford, OR) and the transit of Venus. If there are any decently sized sunspots, you can also see those on any sunny day.


Something I learned for future solar events, go to a welders supply shop and get shade 14 welders glass shield, its a 4" x 5" square of glass that let's you see the sun safely. I used this to photograph the eclipse and tried it on Venus here in California. It cost about $3 so it's cheaper then a camera filter. Green though, so no professional pictures come out, artistic though :-). (My photography is animal/object based, so i don't own a super telephoto lens)
Otherwise the 5pack of solar glasses I snagged on amazon worked great.