questionsanyone know of a good place to order tile?


You are much better off looking locally. Tile is very heavy & the cost of S&H will negate any online savings you may get. Some home imp. stores can special order for you if they don't have what you want in stock, and the cost to ship to the store is usually low or free. Also, seek out commercial supply stores & contact professional tile installers. They frequently have excess material left over from previous jobs. BTW Costco had some really nice horizontal tile in staggered lengths.


Step1: Go to Lowes/home depot
Step 2: find the brands of tile they sale
Step 3: look up those manufacturers and see which one is closest
Step 4: go see them
Step 5: Place order
Step 6: Save money!

Daltile is in my area. Also check craigslist, some local contractors will sell what they have left over after a larger job. I bought 500 SF three months ago for $200. I didn't get to pick out exactly what tile I wanted but it was worth the savings.


I agree with @zippy the pinhead. Try to buy local!

We used to own a small floor covering store that also sold ceramic tile, countertop materials, etc. We sold the store a number of years ago, but when we got ready to remodel our house we found that it was much less expensive and easier to buy locally than to order direct from the manufacturers, even when taking advantage of his old friends in the business. Have you checked out the local flooring stores? Lowes and Home Depot and their ilk probably have better prices and have it all in stock and ready to go, but might not have the variety that a flooring store carries. Just be aware that smaller businesses might have to order the tiles and take a few days to deliver them.

Oh, and try to avoid interior decorator businesses. They usually just buy from flooring stores and add to those prices to make their money. If you aren't using a decorator for advice, there's no need to add them as middle man.


For as little as a backsplash requires (most kitchens have 20-35 feet of backsplash if even that), I would check with your local providers. I know that here, we have a wholesaler that carries the common tile (subway tile, etc) for cheap, but if you want something a little more current (sea-glass or stone mosaic), then it's hit or miss.

When I redid my kitchens (I've remodeled two kitchens now), I wasn't able to find tile for any cheaper than it normally sells for, but since I only needed 20-25 sf of backsplash, it wouldn't have made enough of a price difference to worry about. I'm sure I could have found a better deal if I had scoured the internet for a few days, but it would have only saved me about $20


Thanks all for your feedback. I ended up finding another local supplier in town who had a better selection. It's amazing how used to one stop shopping you get with big box stores, checking out multiple stores for what I wanted was more work but the experience is so much better. Plus in the end I actually found what I was looking for instead of settling on what was is stock at HD.