questionshelp me find geeky bath sets...


yeah thanks, thinkgeek was my first stop, but if you'll notice...they have a couple shower curtains and assorted soaps and such. no actual sink furniture.

Then a couple hours paging through etsy, amazon, and ebay last night after a variety of failed google searches.

so..sounds like you assume to much.


@pitamuffin: I was just about to post the spoonflower link. I must have spent 15 minutes combing through the over 225 different Who-related fabrics.

@syninthecity: (Sink furniture?) While you might not be able to find something that screams Dr. Who, you can do things that make a nod in it's direction.

If you're meaning "sink furniture" as in the cabinet that the sink rests upon, you could do this: Find one in a basic Mission style and paint it TARDIS blue. Switch out the knobs to match something similar to the TARDIS (which, for the life of me, I can't recall what they'd look like) and top it with a cream sink. has loads of fabric & ideas. Here's even more prints: Some of the damasks are so subtle. You can also use the fabric to cover stuff &shellac for a hard surface.

I don't think anyone was trying to assume anything, but only trying to help with bit of poking at ya "google is your friend" reminder.


Sounds like you might need to check or just use google.