questionswould you care for an achievements page on deals…


That could be a lot of fun. I think most of those would be hard if not impossible to apply to pre-existing deals/ tattles, etc, but where would the fun be in retroactive application anyway?


@thedogma: Indeed, I wouldn't want it to be retroactive, everybody should start with the same blank slate. Possibilities for achievements are endless.


Nice idea but really only for those people who come here to deals.woot for the rep score.

I come here for the great conversations and the deals that people post. That's all. Anything else I get like rep scores or jumbowoot coupons is just a bonus on top of all that.


I think it's a neat idea, but like @cengland0 kind of observed, it would all only mean something to people who already try to do those things anyways. With Woot! being a business, the case for taking the time (money) to implement things like that isn't really there.


nifty idea. Not sure how many people would be into it but I think it would be kind of cool


Admit it, @lichme, you're just bored of sitting there at the top of the heap and want something else to work toward :)

It's an interesting idea, but I think there are a lot of people here who are not interested in posting deals or aren't interested in the ATC side (apologies for overuse of 'interesting/ed'). But then again, those may be people who don't care if they get achievements either. Who knows?

I'm actually curious how much work/time it would really take (being, admittedly, basically an idiot when it comes to those sorts of things).


Personally, I like the idea.

Achievement Unlocked: This! Is! Jeopardy!
Unlocked for leaving an answer on a community question.


Hey! We could title the achievement page: "Barnabee, You're a Failure!" Really, I don't care one way or another about reps or achievements or whatevers. I just like to roam around here, enjoy the deals (and I thank everyone for their hard work finding them), and chat with people. So, do what you want or rather what will be allowed. It's okay with me.


If anyone is interested, I'm hosting a boosting lobby. Just message me what Deals.Woot achievement callsigns you are wanting to unlock.


I think somebody has been spending too much time on Xbox.

Most things don't get you achievements. Although it would be interesting if it did. As in:

Achievement Unlocked: BOOZER

BOOZER: Consume at least 12 alcohol units in a 3 hour period.

and so on.


Perhaps @kalira is correct, that @lichme is bored. I got bored long ago and just started playing a different game, using the existing playing field.

We know that lots of activity gets top rankings and pretty much anyone can do that and many have (witness the leaderboard).

However, I've always been a minimalist, by which I mean that I will frequently try to discover just how LITTLE one can get away with and still be counted among the top players. (On deals.woot, I count having a black triangle as being among the top players.) Thus the reason why I haven't posted a question or deal since January (and yet I maintain a rep right around 96%, ranked 145 at present).

BTW- As for @lichme's list of suggested acheivements, I think that keeping a black triangle for a year is much much easier than most of the things listed in the first section of the OP.


This is not Xbox Live. Let's keep the "achievements" where they belong. My opinion.


@baqui63: Indeed, I have been experimenting with what bare minimums are to get by. I have been dethroned today at the hands of @carl669. Why? Because he is awesome, and I am testing the system. I expect tommorow it will revert back, but by limiting questions asked I can say with confidence that you must ask a question at least once every 6.5 days in order for your ATC rep to be maintained. There is approx 12 hours of delay from your actions to stats being updated. I also noticed that the suggestions to up your rep do not take the future into account and do not suggest what you need to do to maintain your rep.


Please no. I'm already and achievement/trophy whore on Xbox/PS3, I don't need something else to try and concur.


We're not 15, and this is not Xbox Live. Please leave.


@lichme: "... but by limiting questions asked I can say with confidence that you must ask a question at least once every 6.5 days in order for your ATC rep to be maintained. There is approx 12 hours of delay from your actions to stats being updated."

You might want to check again.

Note that I haven't asked a question since January, which is many times your 6.5 days.

My AtC rep has dropped slightly since January, but overall it has not changed much at all. And about three weeks ago it went up slightly for some reason.


@baqui63: I dont mean that it will go from 99% to 10%, however it will drop significantly from where it originally was. Both times I have failed to ask a question in 6.5+ days, my question rep dropped from 99.x% down to 96.x% and my overall rep dropped down from #1 to #2.

My guess would be that a % of your rep is based off of short term (last week), a % based off of a slightly longer term (a month), then the majority of your rep being based off of last year.


Completely agree w/@pinchecat. Please don't make reps any more like the woot Olympics than it already is. This should be light-hearted fun, not a contest to see who's best at what. Being ranked is a nice side effect; should not be a tedious bean-counting goal.

Related aside: Still think ATC (questions) should NOT be included in the rep algorithm. It's interesting to me that maintaining a spot in the top 15 requires a question w/i 7 days. Posting a deal (the purpose of this site!) does not. You can remain in the 15 w/o posting a deal for at least 15 days. (Yes, there is a current 'sitting' member who has not posted a deal in that time frame.) That's pretty sad, eh?


No. I think people should attempt to achieve at life, not a website.


@gmwhit: Good point. I'm with you on this one. As for the OP: Meh. I'm here for a bargain, not a contest. If this happens, it happens but I am not interested.


I'd rather have a pat on the back.



I guess this boils down to how large a change is significant. I would call what you're talking about rather INsignificant.

But then, I think I've made it quite clear that my interest in deals.woot rep is of a mostly academic nature (I'd say purely academic, except that I would care if my rep dropped below 90.0%.)


But then someone would be able to disprove my claims of Woot awesomeness.