questionslooking for a projector to use outside…


Looking for a little redneck theater? Plan on using the side of the house or getting an inflatable screen?


Is she planning to use it before it's pitch black outside? Are there a lot of outdoor lights that she can't control. For moderately lit indoor use, 2000 lumens is the gold standard. Outdoors at dusk could probably get by with that too. For later at night, 1000 lumens is probably good.

All the projectors I'm seeing under $400 at somewhere like Best Buy are a measly 100 lumens or less. Keep in mind that it has to be absolutely dark with no lights around for those to work well. Inside a room with no windows and a closed door dark.

I haven't shopped projectors in a while, but to get a decent brightness and HD widescreen you're probably looking at 1200. Toss aside HD, and it probably comes to 700-800.


@prettywootprincess: That's really not bad at all. It has enough pixels to do at least DVD quality, and it's recent enough that it has HDMI inputs and can downsample blu-rays if it was asked to.

The light output is above and beyond.

But turn off the dynamic contrast ratio. It really isn't worth having. It will make the whole picture brighter for dark scenes so it can show more contrast, but you end up with the brightness fluctuating all the time and it doesn't look good to me. But it can always be turned off -it's no reason to avoid an otherwise good projector.


@omnichad: K cool. I would like her to spend less but that is what I found so far.


Such a great daughter!

Our Pico projectors are right in the price range you are seeking and are small enough that your mom could put it in her purse to share pictures with friends, take it into her bedroom for a movie or even project on a wall in the kitchen while she cooks. The PK301+ is the newest model with the most advanced features including a 300" diagonal screen size.

Feel free to give our customer service team a call at 888-289-6786


@optomausa: 1. The question is about outside projectors, and you recommend she buy your product and use it in her bedroom. FAIL.

2. Went to your site. Looks like your projectors are in the range of 18-50 lumens. Only TWENTY times dimmer than this person needs, at a minimum! FAIL.

3. I get that you want to mention your product as often as possible, even if it's not appropriate. Have you tried posting an add in a Wine.Woot discussion thread? How about in response to a request for a cool T-shirt?