questionsdoes the hp desktop come with software?


Your capslock key is stuck.


Which one?

I assume you mean this one?
Pro tip, each deal has its own discusson board.
You'd be better off asking questions there, pal.
The specs tab ( says it comes with Genuine Windows 8 64-bit. Beyond that, it probably just comes with some usual HP bloatware.
Good luck!


@shrdlu: Duh, that's why he needs a new PC!

edit: specifically, one that comes with anti-capslock software. ;)


The question is too vague, It could be a question about if the computer comes with an operating system or an office suite.


Once had a defective keyboard that wouldn't type the letter "P." Made it interesting...Path became ath. Puke became uke. Pass became... <---I liked to use that one a lot. ;-)


My security software often messes with the first letter in a sentence that I type forcing Me to have to go back and add the missing letter. It is very annoying but the software is free and works really well.
Therefore if the first word in a google search is "pass", "mass", "bass" I would get it handed to Me in the search since google starts the search before you finish typing the word.


@gmwhit: sounds like a workaround would be coy and aste


@kamikazeken: Oh, good grief! That took me a while. Yes! :-D Am going to stand in the corner now and sulk.