questionswould anyone on here actually buy the ipad mini?


More than a few here will. There are some Apple fanboys here, believe it or not. Most of us are champions of function over form, and won't care much what co-workers say: heck, there have been long "Bring back the GD Sansas!" threads here. But I know there are people who will buy it.

As for me: I'm still using my Xoom tablet, and am waiting to see what the Nexxus 10 looks like.


I personally don't have much use for a tablet and I see a mini-tablet as even more pointless.

Full size tablets aren't that big or heavy these days, so it's not like one would need the mini for size issues with travel or anything. Generally speaking, anyway.

Clearly I'm pretty far from the target market, but I just don't really see the need for a smaller tablet. I get having a tablet over a smartphone, because if you use it as an e-reader or something it's easier to read a tablet than a phone. Even if I were to use/ want a tablet, I still don't see myself having interest in the mini.


To me, it's just a smaller iPad 2; same display, same processor, same camera. Basically technology that is nearly two years old now.

But some people may buy it regardless because they really need that size, or they're hoping to sell it in some country elsewhere for profit before Apple gets to sell it there.

To me, right now. It's a matter of brand and interface preference. If you absolutely must have that Apple logo on the back of your tablet and you like the simple interface, go for the iPad mini. Let me put it this way; What would you rather prefer? A Gucci wallet or a Swiss wallet from Target? They're both wallets and they do the same thing; hold your money.. it's just the matter of brand preference.

I have everything Apple at home (Macbook, Apple TV, iPad 3, iPhone 5), but the iPad mini doesn't give me that "OMG I MUST HAVE THIS NOW" kind of feeling. Maybe because I already have the iPad.

In my opinion.

The best advice I can give; Get whatever makes you happy in the end.


No, I would not get an Ipad mini, but not because of an aversion to Apple. I have a Transformer Prime, a pocket eDGe, 2 laptops, 2 desktops, an Ipod 160gb and a Smartphone. A mini tablet is not in the cards. However, if someone gave me one, I would be happy to play around on it. Of course I would much rather be given this, though.


@pyxientx: OH YEAH, me too! That looks awesome.

No ipad mini for me, either. Love this youtube vid:


I'm pretty tempted, I think the ~8 inch size is actually ideal for what it does... but given their history, I'm thinking they'll release an iPad Mini 2 with retina display, faster processor, and double the RAM, in about 6-9 months. And then I would regret this purchase. I definitely don't NEED it, but it would be a cool toy, would come in handy when I travel, is the perfect size for using while squeezed into an airplane seat... but I can wait.


I am in the camp that a tablet like that is too small. The regular iPad and 10" Nexus are tempting though, since that is the size I want.


You mean the iPod Touch Large? Probably not.. (really, this was just an excuse for me to say 'iPod Touch Large..' But it would be pretty funny if they made one of those too :), right? )

Really though, I didn't used to be big on Apple stuff but I have to say: since I got my iPod Touch I actually like it quite a bit. It was a gift but I've gotten a ton of use out of it.
I still think it's all overpriced, but the older gen stuff can be reasonable.
@dogbountyhunter1: Are you trying to make a decision about buying one vs something else or were you just curious?


No way. Not at all impressed with my ipod touch and wouldn't spend that kind of crazy money for a larger one.


now that there is an ipad mini, can the ipad maxi be far behind?

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@no1: They'll probably call it an iMac Touch.

And a year later, iMac Touch with Retina Display.


No buyer here. I like a larger screen.


In my house:
have the original ipad, a kindle fire, a kindle touch (gf's) a blackberry playbook (from work for testing and i hate it and think it useless) and an ipad 3 (also from work for testing).

I won't buy the mini


I like the form factor, though at that size prefer the 16:9 or 16:10 ratio of the Android offerings.
The reason I'm not getting one has been touched on briefly.
This is a stopgap device, intended to stem the holiday sales leech from the Nexus and Kindle line.
It will be obsolete in 6 months time.

That said, I believe they are sold out, so go figure.

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We bought 14 for employee gifts. Other than the hassle (individuals can only buy 2, businesses only 10 - so we had to "work it') we were very pleased and the employees were STOCKED