questionshelp with budget gaming laptop?


Note: Not really looking to run Crysis on max, but maybe some WoW/SCIII on some meduim/high settings.


I am really happy with my Dell 15z. Got mine awhile back for about $800, sure prices have come down.
Quad core I5, 8GB Ram, 750GB HD.

Sure the availability and options have changed, but it might give you a good headstart.

Never had a good Toshiba laptop.


@auzroz: I'd be pretty wary with Dell. Their support is atrocious. I paid two grand for a decent (not even high end then) laptop in 2008. Just over a year later, I had my third motherboard failure. Turned out it was a defective model, the graphics chip on that particular motherboard would just overheat and fail.

After spending multiple hours on the phone with every single day for a week straight, I finally got a resolution. I demanded a refund, so they sent me a new laptop. It had a similar retail value (though to actually build and buy would have been less, but I wasn't going to complain about a replacement), but it was a foreign refurb. Which means it is impossible for me to get any support on it.

Beyond that, I know quite a few people who have gotten higher end Dell laptops and been very upset with them. It could very well depend on the model, but if you're going to go Dell, make sure you do a ton of research.


@the18thtee84: I've also found this. Its a year old so you'll probably want updated versions of whatever models are listed, but it might be a good place to start.


@thedogma: thx for the help! I saw that article too, and it was surprisingly helpful. No idea that a freaking Lenovo would be a cheap gaming rig, but those specs are slick. Gonna have to keep an eye out for a cheap Y series to pop up somewhere.


Well, the Y480 is really out of the range of 500$.

Currently, the best you'll find for around 500$ will be a laptop with GT 630M or Radeon 7670M GPUs (new) - there are several options:

I think the HP dv6z-7200 is the most appealing. You can also try and get a refurbished Lenovo Y570 with GT 555M.
The 7670M should run most games on medium settings on 768p resolution, even BF3.


@cockroachman: Thanks for the link! Has some interesting information. Seems like a lot of the suggestions are APUs, whereas I am looking for more of a discrete setup. I know this is asking for a lot though. I do like some of the info in that article and it def helped! Also reinforced my want for the Y series from Lenovo. Those things are awesome for the price.


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