questionswhy was the freaks and geeks series canceled?


I'll go ahead and assume that, like every other show that gets cancelled, the projected revenue from continuing to produce new episodes was not (enough) more than the projected expense.

Did you watch it when it was originally aired? I think that is the problem with good shows that get cancelled (thinking of Arrested Development). Many people only become aware of it after it was cancelled. If more people watched it during the initial airing of it, the network may have kept it. I think it also has to do with how the network markets these shows.


@benyust2: Great answer. Not enough people watched it is exactly why.


@benyust2: I did watch it but did not realize it was that good of a show until it was gone.


@benyust2: Oh how I miss Arrested Development


@caffeine_dude: You may just have a memory of it being better than it actually is. That's happened to me a lot, I'll watch some movie or old TV show that I remembered being really great, then I'm disappointed when it doesn't live up to the memory. According to Wikipedia, it's called rosy retrospection -


@mrzman: No our cable company messed up and it we got a channel that we normally do not get for a day. It was on marathon. I stumbled upon it and hit told the DVR to record all eps. I only got 4. Look at the actor list. It is a great show that would play well now.
Some of the actors.
James Franco
Seth Rogen
Jason Segel
Linda Cardellini
Samm Levine
John Francis Daley
Martin Starr
Joe Flaherty