questionshave you heard that target stores will now priceā€¦


Price matching makes for super deals when there is a price mistake!


That's surprising, I've had experiences where Target won't even price match their own online deals. I had one incredibly frustrating interaction with the manager of our local Target when they wouldn't match the $20 lower price listed on on for a portable DVD player, the answer was an unapologetic no.


Nearest Target is 45 miles away. Nearest Wal-Mart is 1/2 mile away. Thinking......OK, glad to see that Target will price-match for those who can justify it.


Wooowwww... That is kinda nuts. You can find some insane deals on Amazon..

Although it seems retailers are stocking less and less inventory these days, so the majority of the stuff you're looking for will not be available in brick and mortar stores. But still a nice change to this game.


Bestbuy has been price matching amazon for several months... Really any legit online retailer they will price match, as long as you show them the ad, and it is not outrageously marked down


@scotsrule08: Yeah, but then you have to go to BestBuy


@belowi: I had that same experience just last Saturday. There was a kids game marked for $17.99 on their own website, but they charged $21.99 in the store. The manager was adamant about not matching the website price, saying "I don't know nothing about that." However, the manager did match what was marked on their own shelf for $16.99 instead, probably an old tag. Dumb processes.


I have had a string of idiotic experiences at Target. Seems like every time I give them another chance, they come up with yet another twisted way to disappoint me. I wouldn't count on them honoring this, based on my past experiences. Been burned too many times.

Will stick with amazon -- they bring it to my door, and the fedex guy is even nice!


@mistamoose: Really? I just went into Best Buy and had them price match their own website. I watched the cashier do it and there's even a entry in their price-matching system built right into their cash registers, right alongside entries for Walmart, Target, etc.


Sounds like everyone lives next to the worst Targets ever. I work at Target and as long as the item is the exactly the same and the price is current, they have to match it. Most if not all stores have an iPad specifically to be used for price matching. If it is out of stock, they will not match it (except for Most of the issues listed above truly comes from the employees not reading current company policies and it honestly makes me upset. The whole reason Target is continuing to match the prices past the holiday season is to keep guests happy and coming back.


@jethroop369: Yep, it makes us customers upset, too. It didn't help my mood that I was coming back to Target on two items that I was overcharged for, which worked out to $7.50. I guess it's not a huge amount of money, but when the items should've been only $22 and I'm getting hosed $30, that's a problem to me.


I gave up on Target a while ago when they started being political and when around that same time they had the issue with the coupon software not working properly and they let it go on for months without a resolution. That said, I don't see this as being an incentive to return after all this time since I don't expect it to be honored properly. I do have to go there at least once though since someone gave me a gift card for Christmas; I plan to but other brands' gift cards with it hoping that will be of the least benefit to Target's financials.


I think it's funny that they have to also price match against You'd think their prices online and in-store would be in sync.


@jethroop369: You would think they would price match from a local retail store but I've never been successful in them doing it.

First, the cashiers don't know how to do this, you must go to the customer service area and wait 30 minutes while your ice cream is melting.

Then, if the advertisement mentions anything about a loyalty card, they don't match it. If it's a buy 1 get 1 free, they don't match it. If it's fruit or vegetables, they don't match it. They scrutinize every detail trying to find a reason to decline the match.

Customer service refused to match the price from an advertisement at another local store so I told them I don't want it and I'll put it back. They wouldn't let me put it back. Instead, they marked it defective and placed it in a bin. I never left the store with it but they say that's policy. Oh well, they would rather defect out the item than sell it for the same price as another store.

Walmart matches things Target doesn't all the time for me.


I had a great price match from them over the holidays. had the Mario 3DS XL for $160. Went out of stock online, still available in stores but the stores were much further away (not that they checked that at all). They simply had me grab the bundle, go to the inside customer service window, pulled out their ipad, checked it, and rung me up. I also got a $20 gift card because Target was offering a $20 gift card when you bought it, and another $10 gift card because I had a coupon for a $10 gift card when you spend $50.

Now, that's a big YMMV, as I don't think they were SUPPOSED to do the gift cards, but I wasn't exactly going to argue when the register said to give em to me. Either way, it was completely hassle free. They're gonna be where I go to pricematch most things from Best Buy, since Best Buy closed their local store awhile back.

Walmart refused to pricematch even without the gift card, just fyi. After waiting 20 minutes to get an answer from a manager.


@belowi: Yep, I've had similar customer service experiences at Target. They've irritated me to a point that I'll only go there if I have a gift certificate or someone's registered for gifts there. I'll just get my deals from Amazon ;)


It's interesting that so many people have had bad experiences with Target -- it really must depend on the store. My store is usually great. I was thrilled to see the price-matching news, because I would always rather shop at Target in general, and I only go other places for lower prices. So, this is a big win-win for me if it all works out.


Last time tried to price match at Target it was for a identical item(Harry Potter Wii game before Christmas) sold on, I was told they don't match but only other etailers! I said this was ridiculous but they wouldn't budge. I ended up ordering it online at which even included free shipping.
Next time I'm going to just stick with Amazon, no tax and I get Amazon gift cards occasionally on special plus it ships to my door.
When Target was owned by Dayton Hudson it was a great place to shop but once they went national it's been all down hill. A computer seems to run their customer service and no one in the store seems able to override it or have a ounce of common sense, really sad :(
I'm not a big fan of W/M but IMO their customer service is actually better than the current Target.


but will they match woot! prices?