questionscheapest/best cell phone service for smart phones?


You might want to look into Virgin. It's $45 bucks a month I think for unlimited (per a friend who is going to get his first Smart Phone). My experience with them has been horrible but I would switch to once my Sprint contract is over.


@minkeygirl7: It looks like they dont allow me to bring my Iphone. Basically Im trying to be a cheapskate and continue to use my Iphone 4 as well as decrease my $160 ATT bill for two phones. My significant other would probably purchase a phone through the company though. I would rather not cough up a couple hundred for something I already have and am happy with.

I still appreciate the suggestion and will keep it in mind throughout my search!


If I understand it right Virgin provides unlimited web connectivity by 4G. This means you need a 4G phone and live in an area with 4G coverage. I don't use an Iphone and I don't know its capabilities but if you go with Virgin you may have to pay more for their 3G coverage in order to use Your Iphone.


Is 2g not even fast enough to stream radio?


Most providers use 3G or better for internet connectivity.


I've heard good things about T-Mobile's no-contract stuff. See here:

Scroll waaay down and look at the $30 plan - if you rarely talk on the phone, 100 minutes a month will be plenty. And if you don't use copious amounts of data, 5GB per month will be plenty as well.

And you can purchase a micro-SIM for $10 and stick it in your iPhone:


I can attest the to T-Mobile cost savings. I switched from AT&T with 5 phones on a family plan to the bring your own phone plan and am saving about $120 a month (down from over $300 to around $180 a month now including taxes). You will have to use EDGE instead of 3G in some markets because the 3G isn't compatible and T-Mobile has to do something to the system to fix it. Good news is they are doing whatever that is very rapidly, so it is likely 3G will roll out every where very soon. I have 3G almost everywhere I drive now, but there are still spots where I hit Edge instead. It is sooooo slow and painful that I just stay off the data part of the phone while i am there. Texts and phone calls in Austin have been very good and I have no complaints about dropped calls or service. They have given me everything they have promised, and I have no complaints. Good luck!


Well since I signed up here I would like to add my input and you can vote it up or down. My idea of the best phone service is Solavei, which you may have heard about so far. They offer unlimited talk, text, and 4G Data on nationwide network (Tmobile). Best of all it is NO CONTRACT service and only $49 / mo.

This post is a little old but you will probably be using a cell phone for the rest of your life so feel free to check them out when you get a chance.

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