questionscan you help me find a display port to dviā€¦


I needed something like this:

to hook-up my tower to my monitor and tv as the same desktop. (Running 2x6900)


Just checking - are you sure your monitor has a permanent displayport cable and no other inputs?
Try checking Amazon, Meritline, or Monoprice. Maybe you could go from displayport to HDMI and HDMI to DVI if you could find the right combinations.


@gribber: Yes I am sure.
The monitor is a Dell. It was part of a bundle purchased by a college student a few years ago. I picked it up at a church garage sale (I know the family who donated it). It has a permanent, hardwired, not going anywhere without doing damage Display Port cable as the only input. The power cable though, that is the standard, interchangeable, unplugs from the monitor, no worries cable.

My new computer at work has a Display Port um, port. But according to the tech who did the install, the computer doesn't even recognize the monitor is attached. He said that's not terribly uncommon due to my machine having an upgraded video card.

@xarous: I actually need just Display Port not Mini Display Port...which is where things get more complicated.


@gt0163c: That's terribly unusual.
What model is the monitor? I've never heard of a Dell monitor with a DP cable permanently attached and no other inputs.


That seems really strange to me, a cable should just work.

But I'm thinking something like this should work:

Keep in mind that if it didn't work with DisplayPort, the odds of it working with an adapter are not that much higher. Also read the warning provided by MonoPrice on the description page.


@gt0163c: OK.
I now have trouble with this part " But according to the tech who did the install, the computer doesn't even recognize the monitor is attached. He said that's not terribly uncommon due to my machine having an upgraded video card."

If the monitor is working and the video card is working he should be able to get them to work. An upgraded video card is not a reason for the monitor not to work, especially if it does plug in to the video card. It would be uncommon for a monitor not to work with a video card if they have matching connections.
Try a different tech or try going in to the video card settings and enabling dual monitors. Also maybe try changing the screen resolution to match that of the Dell to see if that will do the trick. Maybe have the tech try setting up the Dell as the primary monitor and the other as the secondary monitor.

I would also have Hackman's concern that if it doesn't work with the cable, an adaptor may not help.


Assuming you want to use the DVI out from the video card, I don't think you will find a DVI male to display port female adapter.
Like others have said, there is no reason that your video card should not see the monitor unless it's broken.

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As @stryker4526 already asked, what is the model number of the monitor? Such info could be very helpful for those trying to help.


Not sure what you need but if this is it I can send it to you.....


Not sure if you got the answer yet, but basically dell MOBOs (Motherboard) automatically disable the onboard video chipset once it detects an add on Video controller. You can have either the onboard or the add on. Its a crappy thing for them to do, but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

I personally recommend you get an EVGA UV39 UVPlus+. I have it on my laptop. I have laptop display and one 23" monitor 1920x1080. On the EVGA I have a 23" and a projector both at 1920x1080. Now keep in mind this is not ideal for gaming but does the trick for most other things.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions shoot me a line at