questionsanyone ever forget to put your food in the oven?


No, my problem is putting the food in the oven and then totally forgetting about it. Anybody want some really, really well baked chicken?


It could be worse. You could have put it in the oven, forgot the timer, then wondered a couple of hours later why the fire alarm was going off. Not, you know, that that has ever happened to me, exactly. Nope. Never happened.

tarasadies: Sooo - did you eat the chicken?


Yeah... I've also put dinner in an oven that wasn't even on and wondered why it was taking so long to cook! :-/ In my defense, my OLD oven was "twist knob and heat is on" new one is digital, push cook, set temp, push start. The start part still eludes me from time to time...


I had a roommate years back, come home from the bar drunk around 3 or 4am, put a frozen pizza in the oven, and then promptly pass out. It was nicely charred when my other roommate woke up a few hours later. But no fire, thankfully.


I have heard a timer go off and opened the dryer instead. Does that count?


I haven't done that, but I have put something in the oven without turning the oven on. Come back 30 minutes later and the stuff is just as cold as it was when it went in.


yup I do that far too often... Or leave the food in and forget (fortunately both the microwave and toaster oven have timers haha)


I usually remember to put the food in but forget to turn on the oven. I do that with stove-top cooking as well.



I REALLY hate when I get up with the remote in my hand, go to the fridge to get something to munch on, go sit back on the couch, and the spend 15 minutes trying to figure out where the remote is... Usually it's in the fridge.



I checked on something in the oven once, about ten minutes later I couldn't find my oven mitt to check again. Oven mitts don't really belong in the oven, trust me.