questionswhat's the best birthday gift you got?!


First off, Happy Birthday! I think you should also get the rest of the week off.

The best gift I ever received was my first daughter being born 10 days prior.


@dangela424: Well thank you! And that is a great gift. Baby girls make everything better! I know my Dad feels that way at least 50% of the time! lol


One of my best presents ever?

I had forgotten it even was my birthday. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed, as a single parent, a full time student with a very full schedule, exams approaching... There was a note pinned to the door, from a friend, with a package of jellybeans, and a Susan B Anthony coin, gold plated, inside the package, and the note said: "Sit down. None of this will matter in a hundred years. Enjoy your day." I got a bit teary eyed, and then I followed the advice.

It was a nice evening. I still have the jelly beans (they haven't disintigrated, and no, I don't know why), and the dollar.

[Edit] Happy Birthday Dear Princess, Happy Birthday to you!


I saw a picture of the ring, it looked like one @catbertthegreat suggested for you.

Minus all the fake birthday/graduation gifts, because they land around the same date. My best birthday gift so far was a painting my parents sent me from Cannon Beach, Oregon of the beach. Well plus an antique writing desk that my parents sent me, but that was something they had promised me.

Oh yea

Happy Birthday To you!
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Princess!!!!!
Happy Birthday To you!


Happy Birthday Princess! Glad you had a great day!
The best birthday ever was when I got a puppy I'd fallen in love with already. It was wonderful!


I got a diamond engagement ring (family heirloom). Though I only retained possession of that particular item for a few hours, I do get to see it every day.

Happy birthday, PWP!


@heymo: Aw, that was sweet. Your birthday story is wonderful.


This sounds better if you sing it, but here goes.

This is your Birthday song,
It isn't very long.

I hope you had a very nice and fulfilling day.