questionsare vibram five finger shoes good for walking as…


You can walk in these shoes for as long as you enjoy walking. I have them and use them for all walking / running / cardio activities. They are super light-weight, fit very comfortably on your feet and are a good investment if you enjoy doing walking.


I wear mine all the time. I have 4 pairs. I used to live in Orlando, FL so I had season passes for Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. They were awesome for walking all day. I was comfy, I had air circulation, didn't have to worry about them flying off when we took a loop.

You can walk in them and do everything you would normally do on a day to day basis with no problems.


I love my Vibrams! Best application- running through the woods!


I'm told if you need arch supports, these aren't the shoes for you. True?


No arch support? No kidding Sherlock.


@kuhlsnu: Having never seen them in person, I thought they might have a stiff arch support that's not visible.


I wear a small heel lift in most of my regular sneakers for some lower back trouble that I'm having lately, but I don't think that will be too much of a problem. Is the sizing hard to figure out online or should I try and find a local retailer? Thanks for the awesome responses so far.


@first2summit - No, there is no hidden arch support.

@mrsjcanarr - I used the guides online are pretty accurate. My only size issue is that one of my feet is just a tad longer than the other, so the left one feels just a teensy bit short. But I think if I moved up a size they would be too big. I saw a video a while back online about stretching them, and I might actually try that to get a bit more room in this one side.

If you have a local retailer where you could try them, that would be ideal.


Depends on the surface you're walking on.

Five-Fingers are basically there to just protect you from really sharp objects while maintaining as much of a barefoot feel as possible. So, if you're wearing them somewhere like a grassy yard or a trail in the woods, they're amazing. Hard pavement, though, not so much fun.


@mrsjcanarr: I believe @lavikinga has stated in the past that she has back issues, but wearing her VFF Bikila's it has all but gone away. I also walk a lot in minimalist shoes, including Fivefingers. You do want to minimize, but not eliminate heel striking, even when walking.


Make sure you try a style before you buy them. I found out the hard way that each individual style of Five Fingers can vary drastically. In one shoe I was a 45 in another shoe I was a 40.


I was raised running around in my bare feet, so my arches are healthy. I didn't need any real "easing in" time. My biggest difficulty was relearning a proper foot strike.

For the last several months I've been speed walking both indoors on my treadmill & out on my asphalt streets due to chronic tendonitis. I developed it while running in traditional shoes--added too much distance too fast & didn't allow myself enough time to heal after the original injury.

I currently wear Bikilas. As SOON as I can find a great deal, I'll be fleeting up to a pair of TREKSPORT. Better padding between my foot & gravel.

First thing I noticed after switching to Vibrams was no more issues with my sciatic nerve. It was a chronic problem several times a month. EVERY time I switched back to traditional shoe, BAM! Pain. I firmly believe it has to do with the extra shoe padding & the way it changes my running form. No more sore knees either.

Running ISN"T for everyone. Do what YOU ENJOY & stick with it.


Just curious... I'm not a runner, however I walk 2-3 miles daily. Which Vibrams are good for that? It's overwhelming with all of the styles and specialties they cover.