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YAY! This is produces a serious boost in my personal woot-pinion trend graph. (Not that I bought one, I just like to see things work out the right way.)


Restating what I said on the other thread...

I still believe Woot has one of the very best Customer Support Departments out there, and I have no doubt they will do the best they can to make this right.

And they did!!


slow clap?

Seriously, well done woot! This resolution is what a lot of people asked for, and quite frankly, I didn't think it would be a viable option for you. But man, I'm impressed.


Gotta say, I'm quite impressed with the resolution.
Truly above and beyond expectations.
If I see any single one of those Nabis going on eBay, I'm personally driving to their house and burning it down.
(I know a several of the ones procured on BF have gone that route)

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In no way am I involved in Nabigate, but I would like to chime in on the awesome woot customer service. Has kept me coming back time after time!


I will give Woot this, through all the misleading and changes done by higher, the customer service has alreays remained top notch. A big congratulations and thank you to all of the folks involved.




@trekmiss: if woot had great customer service theyd take that popcorn machine down off pop.woot already!


I have an idea of what's going on - haven't been following all of the up to minute info though :).. but if somebody feels like taking the time to explain it to passers-by and those who might not know about Nabi-gate I'm sure it would be appreciated.

@thumperchick moderate-slowly-increasing clap


@philosopherott: Thank you for pointing this thread out. The cheers go to to CS and the buying team. They're the heros here.

Edit: And the product returns team.



Woot was provided by "A Supplier" (henceforth known as "TrU") a whole bunch of the original Nabi (henceforth known as "A"). Woot was told by TrU that the A was indeed the current Nabi (henceforth, "2"). There was a bunch of confusion surrounding the sale of A/2 since the pic showed A while the item number and title indicated it was indeed 2. Sooo...@thunderthighs confirmed it was indeed 2 and the items sold faster than, well, Nabi2s at a $129 price-point.

Later that night, Woot sent out an email to all of us buyers to let us know they made a mistake and were shipping out the As. We had the option to return it upon arrival or print out a FedEx label. Once returned, we would be refunded however much we paid. This led to an uproar among those of us who really thought this sucked; read: a lot of people. Phone calls were made, tweets were twat (?), facebook commented, emails, forum posts, etc.

After the whole day went by we were informed Woot has the 2s and will send them out. WOOT!!


@thunderthighs: This is SO true. What a fantastic job procuring the Nabi2s! I know there are a lot of relieved parents tonight. I am one of them. :)


A thousand woots for woot.

It's things like this that keep me here at woot :3


@eraten: I noticed and appreciated your posts. Thank you.


@eraten: Now now, "everybody" is a wee bit generalizing, don't you think?
One of the first things I learned in conflict management training is "You can't argue with the irrational"
The second thing I learned is never never ever say "Calm down"

eta: oops! I just saw your last linked post. Sorry about that.

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Hooray! for Woot. I am very proud of you.

OP: Please put the pitchforks and tar and feathers away. Also, those with picketing signs, stow them in the garage. For now. The lynching will commence at the next meeting. Meeting adjourned. :-@


I'll eat my words from the other post. Great job Woot in securing the items and making many people very happy they are getting the item they had expected before the confusion.

Hopefully the next time there is a problem like this communication will improve which will make the entire situation much less confusing and agitating for those involved! Notice how things started to settle down once BigD spoke up and let people know exactly what had happened and then the steps that Woot was taking with the situation. Open communication means alot in these situations.