questionshow to insert 'coupon code' in a posted deal…


i've seen this happen in some of my posts as well. never knew how it happened though. i assumed it was by the evilest of all magics. that's right, clown magic.


@carl669: Or carneys, small hands, smell like cabbage


If a staff member knows of a coupon code or if a comment is made referencing a coupon code, the woot staff will add the coupon code into the description of your deal in these cool little shaded blocks that are meant to draw your attention. So far, we have not been shown the secret to creating the little shaded block ourselves.


Just a guess here, but maybe they saw "adds $3.99" and interpreted as "add coupon code $3.99". That's the only thing that makes sense to me. I think you can tattle on yourself to get it fixed.


@jesseroo: I'm at a loss as to how it was interpreted to be a coupon code. I am jealous because I would like it to appear on some of my other deals that truly require a deal/coupon/online code.
Ohhh and I did tattle to have it removed


@jumbowoot @inkycatz @thunderthighs
Is this something that the deals community is able to do themselves, as it may be one of the more useful functions for users.


@lichme: Sorry, no.

I put mine as the first line of the description in bold with two asterisks at the beginning and end of the line:

Coupon Code: xxxxxxx

It works pretty well.