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How do I get in on a study like this?


"spent the last 16 years studying the breasts of 330 women aged 18 to 35"
I've been doing the same thing! I should probably get around to publishing my findings...


@jsimsace: Yeah, all I managed to get on was the 35-60 year old obese man breast study.


As an over-40 victim of gravity, I would like to ask..."What Natural Suspension System?"


@hot72chev: I'm tempted to point out that these ARE French breasts we're speaking of, but that would be rude. So I'll just say he actually admits in his report that he's talking about young, childless women. Off the top of my head I'm guessing he spent years coming to the same conclusion common sense does. A? Not needed. B? Not really, can go without. C? Might want to consider support. D? Don't even ask.


Oh, no, honey. I don't care how young and perky they are better hoist them up NOW or be banana boobs in your old age.

Breasts are like puppies....if you don't tie 'em up, they just run loose all day.


The only way we'll get a definitive answer is for half of all young women to go braless for the next 30 years. Then compare the sag with women that wore bras for 30 years.

I probably won't be alive to see the results. :-(


@cebooher3: That's a shame. Any time boobs are involved, I wanna see the results.

Some old biker woman could say, "Wanna see some boobs?" and I'd say "Sure -- thanks for that, now roll 'em back up!" and be on my merry way.


Well, back in the 60's it was referred to as 'the pencil test.'


I've watched enough national geographic specials to know this is BS.


@magic cave: Thanks for the memories of those tests . . . ahem.


@benyust2: You do it for free and your creepy or a perv, you get paid and your a scientist. Sounds legit.


@agent019: I think you have to have a PhD of some kind. Otherwise how would we know your intensions were good?

"oh he's a doctor so he can't be a perv, I'm sure he really cares about the results and collecting accurate data."


Going braless will be offered lots of support.

I'm more for topless, but that is just me. I do enjoy examining the female form, maybe I should go to medical school.


It had to be men doing the study.


Gravity is not my friend. Although there is a benefit when Mardi Gras rolls around. I can still get the good beads, I just don't have to lift my shirt as high.



@misterron: "Thanks for the mammaries."

There. I fixed it for you.


@cebooher3: "The only way we'll get a definitive answer is for half of all young women to go braless for the next 30 years."

Alternatively, a 30-year longitudinal studywould have scientists supplying women with bras with a cup only on one side - with the cohort evenly split between right and left cups, of course.


A different take on his "research":

Warning: very large lingerie photo unfortunately makes it NSFW.