questionswhat would you like to see out of the update…


I think it's safe to say after ios5 and ice cream sammy that mobile os's are running out of ideas as far as innovation...

That being said, I don't think there's any problem in optimizing what already exists, like the camera.


why is no one speaking understandable English here!!!??? :)


@zarfus: I agree, start focusing on the camera. I was a long time Android user and just picked up the 4s. For the camera alone it would be hard to go back to an Android device now.

Regardless, STAY AWAY FROM 3D!! Do these companies really think that's what we need!? Faux 3D phones that KILL your battery? Makes me think these companies don't listen to their consumers.


@coondogg97: I rooted my android and the camera got significantly better, but still way behind iphone 4s. And I totally agree with you on battery technology...that should really be the focus from this point on.


Android overall I still believe is the best operating system for a person who has some technical acumen, and the 4.0 update does not disappoint in my opinion. I would agree with the camera comments, though it would appear that the Galaxy Nexus has tried to address that with the zero shutter lag camera. I would like to see an updated voice actions, not unlike Siri on the iPhone 4S. The existing voice search is great and quite accurate, but being able to use your voice to control the entire phone (such as scheduling appointments), and not having to use a specific command would make voice search more user friendly for the non-geek. Also implementing a location reminder system, again like the 4S, but improving on it, giving the option to pick an arrival alert destination on a map, by address/ zip code instead of having to have the address programmed to a contact in your phone. Android needs to find a way to streamline a little bit and be slightly more user friendly IMO.