questionsis there any way we could get the syfy channel to…


No solution, but I certainly second the sentiment. I love true SciFi, but hardly ever watch the SciFi channel. Not only wrestling, but other shows having NOTHING to do with Science Fiction!


Have you written them? While it might not impact what you see, people telling them what they think/feel about their programming is what they need to hear. Certainly isn't the same old SyFy anymore...but than neither is MTV, The Weather Channel, or so many other channels.


We could always get that guy to start a petition.


tl;dr they don't care about sci-fi. The name of the network is irrelevant. You want to watch classic sci-fi? Buy a dvd boxset.

edit: Just to be clear, that's what they're saying. Not me. I wish seefee would go back to being a sci-fi network too.


Wasn't the whole point of them changing their name from "Sci-Fi" to "SyFy" to emphasize that they are not strictly a science fiction network anymore? Not unlike how Spike TV used to be TNN, or NBC Sports used to be Outdoor Life Network.


@djp519: It is the same name just spelled differently, makes no difference. I can accept that they show cheesy Fantasy and Sci-Fi but the unrelated wrestling, reality shows are just bad choices for a channel desperate for content.


Less original programming, more classic science fiction. I waited for years for someone to rerun Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and no one ever did. I had to sign up for Amazon Prime to watch it again.


@rprebel: What's next!? You're going to tell me that Toddlers and Tiaras and Extreme Couponing isn't teaching me anything on the Learning Channel!? Or that Ax Men isn't teaching me anything about history on the History Channel...

Sure they aren't...


@capguncowboy: lol yeah, TLC has taught me a valuable lesson: Don't watch TLC expecting to learn something. Don't even get me started on "History: Made Every Day" as a justification for wall to wall Pawn Stars and rednecks making duck calls.

I understand why they all do it. Their business model is collapsing around them, and they want to get as much cash as they can before imploding. Pandering to the stupids with stuff like Honey Boo Boo gets them great big bags of money. They'll continue doing that until enough people ditch cable entirely, at which point they'll simply fade away.


I have been buying box sets because there is very little Sci-Fi Fantasy on TV these days unless You want to stream it and then it usually requires premium services.