questionshas anyone tried the off clip-ons? do they…


We tried one last summer, with little success. The bugs actually landed on it. I think they liked it.


Yes and yes...I am a mosquito magnet, while my wife repels them (no comment). I've also used the lanterns for when we eat outside, and they work well if for a shorter period.

The clip-on has been much better, especially when walking around. Actually, I've seen 2 pack on sale at Costco for a pretty good price, if you're a member. Good luck braving the mosquitos!


@okham: at my house that phenom is called the "i taste better than you do" occurance.


In my experience they don't work all that well. It is a PITA, but an evenly applied spray of at least 20% DEET is about the only thing that seems to help.


My father was the mosquito magnet when I was a child. After his death, that role moved to me, though it took a few years. Same thing with my older daughter... she started drawing them around the time she turned twelve or maybe fifteen. We call it having the sweetest blood.

I remember my father hunting mosquitos indoors at night until there was a confirmed kill. I do the same thing now, especially when I'm able to trap them in a small, sparsely furnished room, like the bathroom.

My apartment's entrance is through a small (8'x8') vestibule. Especially at night, before opening my inside door, I close the outer one, turn on the light and check for mosquitos. When I'm unloading groceries or the like from the car, I turn on the outside light but leave the vestibule and hallway lights off so as to not attract them into my place.


@moosezilla: Apparently, I taste better than my wife's entire family, from what I gather when we've travelled together. The skeeters like the Irish vintage rather than the German :)


I have read that mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, so larger people and smokers are more likely targets.
(Lesson: try not to breathe around mosquitoes.)


I don't think they work that great, however my husband swears by the Thermocell. A little more pricey and bulky but works like a charm. He is a big hunter and spends a ton of time in the woods. Normally he is a bug magnet but this keeps them all at bay. I highly recommend it!


@notanaardvark: I'm neither large nor a smoker, but I'm always the item of choice on the mosquito menu. Also, I've also known plenty of fat smokers who don't seem particularly attractive to the buzzing pests.


@ginawoot: agreed, I'm not large at all and I don't smoke, yet I'm always head to toe mosquito bait. I've gotten the Off Clip ons before and had 2 complaints. Firstly, it ran out really quickly, and secondly it didn't work very well at all. Sure it discouraged a couple of mosquitos, but for the most part it was useless. More success was had with citronella bucket candles


@ginawoot & @aafalke: Shoot, I thought if it was on the internets it had to be true. :]