questionswhats happening with woot? $800 tv, $350 coffee…


Woot shirts are still just $12-CHEAP!

Seriously, hasn't Woot always fetured some higher-priced items? I think today is just a statistical anomaly that there are more than a few pricier items. By my clock you only have to wait another 13:43 until new items appear, so sit tight.


I remember back in the day seeing expensive DLP TVs on Woot and everybody jumped on the deals because the $5 shipping made it seem that much more awesome.

I think that was in 2006.

So while woot may have jumped the shark, expensive TVs aren't new here. The expensive coffee makers probably are.


@elforman: At $12 an Anvil-blank-based shirt is about $11 more than I'm willing to pay for them. On the other hand, there are a lot of designs I'd happily pay $18 for on AA, or something else that's not as bad as Anvil.

@samstag: Yes, it did happen in the old days, and yes, the shipping made it a great deal, but the frequency was FAR lower. There's definite gentrification going on. (Even looking at just the percentage savings on many things, much less the cost, things seem a bit non-wooty recently ... )


The $10 woot tshirts were better quality than the new $12 CHEAP shirts.


I'm kind of over the whole woot thing, I still love deals.woot but has over 130 items for sale right now and it's just not the same. I dont feel like i'm getting a deal on any of the products they have listed and I know they are all about making money but they seem kind of cheesy now and not as unique anymore. oh well I'm going to go make me a grilled cheese!


Wahh wahhh wahh Anvil blah blah blah. So sick of hearing whiney people complain about shirt brands.


I blame amazon......there I said it


@jseureau: I agree. I'm a long time Wooter and don't care much to check Woot as often. There's way too much going on there and hardly what I consider deals. I'm an impulsive gadget buyer and Woot was great for that. Not so much anymore.


hey there @olperfesser. i am going to prod you. i'll be gentle.
are you more concerned about the product range, or are you expressing displeasedness about the prices at which products are being offered (i.e.: "not a deal")?

it seems like a few different issues are being raised here in this discussion, so i just wanted to get clear.

and then maybe we can use the stuff we learned to better your woot experience. and then maybe there will be scooby snacks.


I have been a long-time wooter, and the changes happening have definitely affected me directly. I no longer wait at my computer at 1AM EST to see the new deal... in fact if I am not working I don't really check woot at all like I used to.

I will most likely always have my $12 shirt boycott in place. The only way I buy shirt.woot shirts anymore is if A) it's random $6 shirts or B) I have a $5+ Coupon Code.

As for the WootPlus! I don't see them as deals (sometimes they are even overpriced I've noticed/cheaper at Target/WalMart/ToysRUs/

Lastly the inventory that Woot is buying up as of late isn't really in tune with what I am looking to impulse buy. I remember back in the day of Sansa Mp3 Players, Woot-Lights, USB-Mug-Warmers, etc. Now it all seems a little too mainstream/modern/not-woot-at-all

I will continue to lurk around but I am not hopeful for a restoration of what Woot once was.



@jseureau: You summed up my feelimgs very well. Woot is quickly becoming less important to me. DW on the other hand is where it's at!

EDIT: @devexityspace was typing while I was but has also made a good assessment of my feelings.


Maybe a new site


@pemberducky: I'm not the OP, but my concern recently is lack of "good deals," which can be seen across the breadth of the site. I've repeated price-matched woot against amazon (and often posted the results) and woot rarely beats amazon: for the woot plus sales, it might be a $1 difference, which is not enough to inspire an impulse purchase today when I could just add it to my amazon wish list and purchase when I have more money or when I've had time to think about whether I need an item (usually the answer is "no," which is good for me, but bad for your business model!).

In terms of absolute cost, I have no problem with large-ticket items being posted here at woot (although they don't seem to be a bargain anymore), but maybe consider spreading them out, so that woot and home and sport don't all have items in the top 5% of the woot price range all on the same day.


Woot has had high dollar items on and off: my first Woot purchase was one of the aforementioned DLP TVs (which subsequently died within warranty, got my $ back). So, these items aren't such a big change.

The larger issue is that lack of good deals (especially in the Woot Plus side), and generally "meh" nature of most of the offerings.