questionsdoes anyone actually use their 3d tv?


I have the same exact question. I have always thought that 3D TV's were mostly gimmicky, but I have at least one friend that talks about 3D video games and movies as being pretty neat. I'm really hesitant to pull the trigger because I think it will be neat for the first few days and then the novelty will wear off. I'd love to hear from people who use 3D on a regular basis.


My thoughts on this are to wait till the 2nd generation of glasses-free TVs.

I've heard the effect of current TVs is pretty good, but the glasses are a big impediment for (a) comfort, (b) group viewing, and (c) multi-tasking while you watch.

Glasses-free TVs are in the works and should be on the market in about a year or two. The first generation is probably not one to buy (expect the major issue to be poor viewing angles), but I'm thinking by the 2nd generation they'll have those kinks worked out. I've said since the first 3D TV was released that the glasses thing would hold it back, and I think sales so far have born that out.

All that being said, 3D TVs are generally pretty awesome when it comes to the quality of their 2D picture, and if you'd use primarily for solo gaming, no reason not to go for it if you have the money. Just because it's not right for most people doesn't mean it's not right for you.

Expect 3D TV with glasses to be looked back on with laughter someday though.


I just bought a 3D TV and am waiting for it to be delivered.

I really didn't want a 3D TV, but this one had much better specs than the 2D model (better contrast, 240 vs 120, better chipset, etc). It was only $150 more than the 2D, and it included 2 pairs of glasses.

Will I watch stuff in 3D? Maybe. Will I be broken up if I don't? Nope. It was the TV I wanted, and the 3D is just a bonus.

Now, would I buy a 3D for the sake of HAVING 3D? No way.


i'm waiting for Holographic "TV"


The only thing that excites me about 3D TV is the possibility for local co-op where both players each have a full screen (Uncharted 3 is the first I've heard of that can do this).