questionsare todays running/tennis shoes too stylish…


If you have that attitude and feel uncomfortable, then you're going to come across as "that guy."

It seems like if you have to ask, maybe they're just not your style and you would be uncomfortable in them. I don't think it's an age thing.

But if you like them, buy them and rock 'em. Don't stress. People aren't paying that much attention to you, and I mean that in a good way :-)


My wife was looking for a good pair of running shoes today and I saw several that fit in the "rainbow puke" category you meniton - I couldn't describe them any better then you did!

Look around. You can find things that might not be so visible. I buy Mizuno Wave Inspire; I've noticed fewer problems with shin splints, knee, and hip problems using them. Some of their color schemes aren't too bad. I saw some Nikes today that didn't look puked on either.

I've always wondered about people that worry about style when wearing something you're just going to sweat in.

And if you think shoes look bad, just look at what some of the cycling types wear. Not a pretty picture!


I have some RED Skecher's goruns that people are always complimenting me on. Like in line at the post office and other random places. I think it's all in your attitude. If you feel comfortable wearing what you're wearing then that vibe comes off. If you don't like what you've got on then there's no point in wearing it. Full disclosure: I'm 40.


@mtm2: Thanks for the suggestion about the Mizuno brand! I just checked out their website and there are a few models there that fit more to my level of taste.

I guess I have been getting down on the who;e shoe thing lately because I've gone to a few local sporting goods stores to find a new pair and they all looked like the Pumas! (Gander Mountain/Dicks Sporting Goods) Then, while buying some diapers at Walmart, I happened to stumble across a nice pair of discount tennis shoes for $15.00 and thats when I got nervous. Thats because my 70 year old father, with bad feet, buys his shoes at Walmart. Again, nothing against Walmart and their shoes. I was just afraid that this was the moment that I realized I was getting old! LOL!


BTW: I just say that sport.woot has Mizuno Wave shoes onsale today! These are more to my taste! I'm gonna buy a pair now! OK, I don't feel so old now!


I buy the shoes based on how they fit, not how they look. When I'm out running I'm really not that interested in how I look at all, more in how I feel. I try not to get loud, bright shoes (I'm not fast enough to get away with them), BUT, if the shoes I wanted only came in a loud color I'd buy them in a minute. And the cheap guy in me has no problems buying the red and black Brooks Glycerin that the store was trying to offload because they were fugly. They fit great.


If I were spending $50 for shoes, I'd wear those in a heartbeat, and I'm [cough] now on Medicare. I don't generally dress with a lot of flair, but I love funky accessories and think those shoes are seriously cool. If you like them and would enjoy them, don't worry about what other people think.


For me, it depends on whether I'm wearing them to actually run in, or just to wear around. If it's for actual running, I don't care, because it seems that the shoes that work best for my feet are always of the Rainbow Brite variety, so it's function over form for me there.

For just wearing otherwise, I'm hesitant, too. I think it just depends on what you're comfortable in. It's highly likely that my middle-aged self looks like a huge dork when I wear my Chuck Taylor low-tops, but I love them so much that I don't care. And dammit, I looked cool in them 20 years ago!