questionsare some hp touchpads still available (yes)?


Dude, thank you very much for posting this link. I have been looking around for days for one of these and have not had luck anywhere. I was able to snag 2 from this website and already got my order confirmation. Thanks again.


@coolphilip04: Did it not work for you? The links might need to be copy-pasted.

@bagginsworth glad to have helped, just passing the word along.


Try HP's website tomorrow. Saw one rumor that "massive" amounts would be put up for sale tomorrow, making me wonder if that is due to some of us using coupons on the already-absurd prices when they were available this weekend. Sorry, I don't recall the source.

If not tomorrow, eventually. Remember, some retailers (ex. Costco) did not bother selling the units, instead returning them to HP to deal with. Well, once HP gets them back, they are either (my guess as most likely) sell them online, or (probably less likely: why pay to ship them?) send them to other retailers.


@apfrehm: Yeah, HP should be getting a bunch of them back, here's a link to sign up for a notification, . The servers seem pretty bogged down though.

It does look like the links in the OP aren't working and the place has sold out. Sorry, just wanted to spread the word so hopefully someone could get one and this was the next best thing since the add a deal didn't work.


Barnes and Noble sold out.
Costcenter sold out.
Walmart sold out.
Best Buy sold out.
Target sold out.
Ebay - a lot of sellers have their heads up their a$$.


Does anyone that ordered through cost center have the ability to see the order in their order history?

I ordered 2 touchpad's yesturday, made it through the whole process, got a confirmation email and confirmation number, however when I go into my account no order comes up for order history, and I am unable to track the order number.

I am wondering if the system is so backed up it hasn't displayed yet, or if something didn't go right and my order is not in place.

Anyone have the same thing goin on?



You can add Office Depot to that list.

The question is..when will all these other retailers still selling at full retail, slash their prices as well? They can't all be sending them back.


@bagginsworth: If you mean cost central, I just checked and my order for 1 16 GB touchpad shows up under history and recent orders. I received my confirmation email at 7:40 CDT. No shipping information yet though

@shift4g Even if they do send 'em back, HP should be selling them directly for the cheap price


Salesman at Best Buy this morning said what they had left was all in transit back to HP, so expect HP to have hundreds of thousands of returns from retailers in the next several days.


I expect many of us with pending orders thru' HP & HP-SMB will have our orders filled with stock being return from Retail outlets...


To anyone who bought through HP Small business,I just got this in an email from hp like 36hrs after purchase;
Thank you for your interest in the HP TouchPad. We have received an unprecedented amount of orders as a result of the tremendous discount offered. Therefore, order confirmation emails are still being processed. Be assured that your order has been captured. You should receive an automated order confirmation in the next 24-72 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact an HP representative at 866.625.0242 and choose option 3. Please note that we are expecting significant call volumes with extended wait times over the next 48 hours, so we ask for your patience. We are committed to our relationship with you and to delivering the best technology solutions for you and your business.

Your HP Business Promotions Team


i have two of the 32Gs, new, never opened.