questionswhere's your favorite place locally to get frozen…


I lived in SW Missouri for a long time and boy do I miss Andy's. Locally I do not have a good custard shop. Nothing like that which I remember growing up to.


No place better for frozen custard in StL than Ted Drewe's.

For snowcones, I prefer S&J's in Arnold or Fenton. Although I wish they still let you get Fireworks snowcones (with Pop Rocks on top). We now go to the dollar store before we go there & buy our own Pop Rocks to sprinkle on our snowcones. :)

And a couple times a year, they have Cup Day, where you can bring in ANY size cup & they'll fill it with snowcones for like $1.50 or something like that. I've heard that it just has to have a handle on it to be considered a cup. I've heard people take green pickle buckets & duct tape handles onto the side & get them filled. Although I can't imagine what you'd do with all that snowcone, really.


If you get up to central Illinois you need to try Krekle's. They have a giant chicken on top of a Cadillac that is kind of their signature, but darn good custard to boot.