questionsis my mr. beer premium edition home beer kit that…


The only thing you would need to worry about expiring is the Brew Pack, which conveniently has refills available for a special Wooters discount today:

The rest of the kit is just equipment that should not expire.

Take a look at the brew pack inside though. I'm guessing some of the items, especially the yeast, may have expiration dates printed on them. Yeast definitely does go bad over time, as it's a living organism.

I don't know how the Mr. Beer set works (don't have one), but if the instructions have you make a starter, give it a shot and that should confirm whether your yeast is alive or dead.


Oh I should add, it IS worth giving it a shot. An unopened packet of yeast, if not exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold, can be good for years. Two years really isn't that long a time.

If you end up with bad beer, you will figure it out pretty quickly... no reason letting the ingredients go to waste without trying!


thanks fellow Wooter. I already placed my order with Mr. Beer with the added 10% discount how can anyone go wrong. And I am gonna have too look again when I get home later on the night.


I should add as well that I did call's customer service hotline and got a hold of a Mr. Peter ( he could have been a Griffen, he could have not, who knows) and I asked him what's up with the 1 can of HME that I bought from Woot back in April of 2009. He said that I should check the date on the can at which point I told him that I haven't seen one on the can. But I'm gonna look again just to be sure. But should add that I figured with today's product up on Woot why not ask this question of how long can the can or was it two can's of that HME and yeast can just sit in storage before use.


You're fermenting grain and making a tub of yeast pee, as long those little critters are alive, I think you'll be fine.


Is anyone else being re-directed when trying to go to


@simmp5: .. annoying!
But I have found it only does this when I try to access on Opera. Not on Chrome or Firefox.


It's worth a shot! Yo'll probably get beer. It wouldn't hurt to use a new pack of yeast though... Also, there are tons of answers about Mr.Beer at, where I'm a member.


@mattkosko: oh yeah I know all about that site been searching high and low for answers all last two weeks finally got the chance to call customer service today and spoke with a Mr. Peter and he told me to check under the lid for the expiration date and ultimately just try and brew the beer and see what comes out of it.


Just wanted to add that I would just like too take a moment and Thank everyone for their help. Thank you!


With malt extracts, the older they are the darker (in color) the beer will end up. Other than that, they & sugars (boosters) should work fine.

Yeast is another story. Depending on how it has been stored & for how long, it may be fine, a little dead, or kaput.

You can make a starter with the yeast to proof it. To do this, boil a pint of water (to sterilize it) & mix about 1/2 cup of the fermentable malt extract or sugars with the water; use a metal spoon (stainless steel, if possible) which will sterilize the spoon as well. Cover the mix to keep it sterile & let it cool to 100-110 degF (no higher). Add the yeast (stir with the spoon) & give it 5-30 minutes... if it foams up, the yeast is good. Leave it covered while you quickly follow the standard directions (only use a pint of water less than it says) & add the yeast starter when it calls for you to add the dry yeast.

If it doesn't foam up, the yeast is dead & you'll need to get more (plus a 1/2 cup of malt extract or sugar).


@baqui63: alright I gotcha. As soon as I have some real free time to myself I will surely be brewing some beer. If the yeast is still alive.


Unfortunately, canned malt extract doesn't make very good beer when it's old. For a good beer, you want the freshest ingredients you can. You're likely to get a "twangy" aftertaste fermenting the old kit.

That said, it's certainly not going to kill you :) But...if you get a weird flavored beer, don't swear off the hobby before trying again with a fresh refill kit (or one bought from your local brew supply). Have fun!

Google "Basic Brewing Video", and watch the latest Mr.Beer episode. James and Steve are pretty knowledgeable brewers, and just all-around good guys.