questionsdo you follow woot! on twitter?


They also announced it on Facebook too!

I see almost all BOC's are offered on these two sites as well since they aren't so prone to crash as Woot! does!


They advertise them now to get as many people buying as possible. (gotta make that money) This is also why they do BOC events on the social media sites; makes the fun stuff more visible to casual wooters so they think the site is still cool.


So that's why I don't see bocs anymore... Not an internet social type. I don't like anything. And the last time I tweeted in public not only did it clear the room, but it embarrassed my Wife to no end.


No. I have a twitter account that I check once a year or so. No FB.


I have no use for either twitter or FB. Both are a useless waste of time and cause people who used to talk to each other to now walk around with their eyes glued to their phones. People who are constantly walking into each other, into walls or into traffic. These zombies are too much among us!


@bigelowb: Twitter is useless. Facebook is actually pretty handy to keep in touch with old friends and distant family members. Sharing/viewing pictures of friends'/family's kids has never been easier. I have a granny who doesn't do the interwebz and it's such a pain to print photos and mail them to her. If she used Facebook, it would be much easier to stay in touch. I don't have the FB app installed on my phone though. I don't need to be notified every time somebody posts or likes something, so I'm not one of the people bumping into you...unless I'm checking work email...


why, so I can miss a BOC there too?