questionswhat do you like about the coke rewards program?



I collect points all year and in December MCR usually has 12pks for 30 pts. Last year, I was only able to get 6 12pk coupons but the year before I was able to get about 30 coupons (I know some people were getting hundreds and selling them on ebay). They also have gift cards available for Dominos, Best Buy, Southwest Airlines, etc. They also have special deals every Wednesday.

It only takes a couple of mins to enter your codes and free is free (which is why we also particapate in the Disney Movie Rewards program)..


I like that I can enter sweepstakes for prizes. I'd like it more if I ever won anything....


I have been saving points since the program began, but I never even tried to cash them in. I must have 10,000+ points. Maybe I'll check it out... Wonder if they are still good.


@zaprowsdower: The rewards points do have an expiration. I receive periodic email reminders from MCR that if I don't log in and do something, I will lose my points.


I never explored enough to know they had periodic specials. I generally save for awhile and then cash in for 12 packs. I figure free is free, too. I gather points and enter a bunch at a time. It does not take long. Sometimes I have too many for the weekly limit and have to set them aside for a few days to finish.


@theoneill555: Thanks for the info. At least I have not entered the codes in. I just need to find all the bags now.


I think that you can only enter 10 in a 24 hour period.


I like that there are worthwhile prizes to get. I also like that there's no problem finding products with point codes on them. I remember similar programs from other companies in the past where you got points off of specially marked products. In those programs, I would usually have trouble finding the specially marked products, which was very frustrating. I've never had any problems with My Coke Rewards, since all the products that are supposed to have codes always do.


120 point entry per 7 day week, resets 00:01 ET


I hate that the program ends every Nov (deadline to enter points), but they don't bother updating the official rules until next Jan. During this limbo time, coke rewards might not carry over until the next year, I think it's a subtle scare tactic to have people use their points. It has renewed every year that I can remember


I didn't know about Coke Rewards until I saw that special deal here last year. I started an account and started adding the codes to my account recently. Looking forward for the free coke at the end of the year though. The other stuff doesn't interest me.