questionsanybody have any good bad hairday/haircut stories?


A friend of mine in elementary school wanted to have a lightning bolt cut into the back of his head when it was in style to have things cut into your hair for a couple of months in the mid 90's. Well the girl cutting his hair sneezed as she was putting in the first angular cut and it didn't turn out correct. So he had the choice of getting his head shaved, having an odd bald line or getting something else carved in instead. He choose something else carved......she saved it into a cupcake. Just what every chubby 6th grade boy wants cut into the back of their hair....a cupcake. I wonder why that fashion trend didn't hang around longer....


I moved to California for a time many years ago. Got talked into a pixie type cut. Worst. Thing. Ever.


@raider9924: My mom tried to do the batman symbol in the back of my head. I wound up with a buzz cut

Also, another time when I was young (6 or 7 years old) my mom and grandmother tried to give me a bowl cut. They failed so miserably that I actually got paid money to say that my aunt did it when we went to the professionals. Best 5 bucks ever.


The morning of my husband's graduation from college, he went to one of the nicer salons in town to get a trim (after I told him dozens of times that it looks so much better if someone else does it rather than him taking the buzzer to his head).

His hair looked great, but the stylist shaved about a half an inch between his beard and his hair line to "define his side burns". Oh, man...