questionsdid you know there is a site for blu-ray quality?


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Thanks for the heads up! There have been a few movies I've wanted to upgrade/ get on BD instead of DVD, this can help me know if it's worth it.


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I like this site much better: is another great site.

They use high-res screen grabs from the movie to help inform your purchase decision.

Helped me avoid some bad transfers of old movies and the original LOTR blu-rays.

Here's a good example page:

Yes - the example Blu-Ray isn't even on the highdefdigest site. I think this is a much more complete site.


@carl669: Oof, nice troll. Making my skin crawl!


I've posted links to this site numerous times in multiple BR threads.
I use it before I buy any BR now. They are on the ball here.


What's blu-ray quality and how can I get it?


@hizzo87: there are many ways to achieve blu-ray quality. one way is to store your discs in the freezer. this keeps your peaks and troughs fresh instead of letting them degrade (causing the peaks to be read as .9999's and the troughs to be read as .0001's respectively).


@omnichad: Agree -- is a great site. It's where I typically go for ratings.