questionsanyone know where i can get discount new, older…


Check your local pawn shops.


Checkout local band websites. I used to sell my old equipment right on my own!
No, I don't have anything for sale.


Guitar Center stocks used gear now, and I just picked up a quite decent bass that had been treated roughly (but is still entirely playable) for $120. You might find one worth buying there. Do bring along someone who plays guitar if you don't, as you'll want to get one that's decently easy to play and has good quality electronics (if you're getting an electric guitar).

You might also try to find a J. R. Beck dealer; I think they were a Chinese knockoff brand, but I got an Ibanez clone that looks awesome and plays very well for $100 from a dealer that was closing out his stock.

Failing that, Craigslist usually has some guitars in most metro areas. Avoid the ones that sound like they don't know anything about guitar - they probably got First Act kits from Wal-Mart and you won't be happy with those long-term.


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You'll get the best deal at places that don't sell specifically guitars or musical instruments: Local classifieds, craigslist, yard sales, pawn shops, second hand stores.. etc.

What kind of guitar are you looking for? The more details the better - acoustic or electric is a pretty important one. And I'm not completely sure what you mean by "new, older model.."
There are tons of options out there nowdays, it really just depends on what you're looking for.


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Lots of the big musical instrument sellers on Ebay put up NOS (new old stock) guitars, often BIN with free shipping. I recently bought a NOS Washburn RX25 tobacco sunburst SSH with a Floyd Rose tremolo for $110.00 shipped. It was released in Mar 2010 at a list price of $450, street price then was probably $299. The RX line was ended a year or 18 months later, and the remaining inventory was dribbled out after that. They fell in price from $199 to $179 to $139, etc.

Also a lot of big music Ebay sellers sell blemished guitars, if you're not hung up on a little chip or scratch. Search ebay for "electric guitar blem" or "acoustic guitar blem" and you'll see plenty of those as well.