questionsanyone else get the droid bionic today?


engadget's droid bionic review:

I don't have verizon anymore, I switched to virgin mobile with a motorola triumph, but looks like a cool phone. Verizon is just too expensive though.


Waiting & waiting. I have my 2 year upgrade, but my Droid seems to run well, still.


After countless hours of messing around on it, downloading the highest memory usage and best graphic games, I have decided this phone [mod edit: bye profanity!] rocks. Runs super smooth and has been flawless so far. I cant seem to bog it down(yet). Battery life seems to be pretty damn impressive too after a full charge.


I'm playing the zero sum, technology waiting game- holding out for more info on the Droid HD. I'm coming from an OG Droid with a cracked screen that's lost some touch functionality haha.

But really the way I see it, the worst that can happen is I wait a few more months and the Bionic gets cheaper.


@rlapid2112: If you're ready for the Every 2 Year upgrade, check out Amazon Wireless. They have tons of phones available for $.01, including Thunderbolt and Incredible 2. Added a line to my plan and picked up the Incredible 2 for my dad.