questionsanybody interested in some free apps for android?


i may or may not download some of these apps.

swiftkey may or may not be the best keyboard i've ever used. the word prediction may or may not be incredibly freaky.


I may or may not have lmao'ed reading this thread!

(Also, woot may or may not be cutting off its nose to spite its face.)


link to swiftkey? i can only find the "free versions"....for free.. maybe?


@drsilentg: The deal was yesterday, sorry you didn't hear about it earlier. I posted it as a deal, but it was deleted for some reason :( I tried!


@luvche21: Dang it, the one day I don't check the Amazon store. Thanks for trying to post about this money saving deal. :(


@luvche21: if only the mods did not delete those deals :(


oh good grief...why on earth would this deal be deleted??


You're welcome... no idea, maybe I stepped on some toes? Now I've really been in and out of Deals lately, so I'm not hip on all the rules and regulations, so maybe I did something horribly wrong??


It may or may not have been front page over at SD.


SwiftKey is awesome! I purchased the full version for my phone and my tablet. I can't stand the generic keyboards, so I had to do something.


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Ooh! We've got a spammer (@dbnnju), appearing over 2 years after I posted this.